Hello, World of Blogs!

Hello! I’m Meriken and this is my blog. =)


I’m a newbie and am currently still blindly groping my way around this… thing, so I’ll need all the help I can get to make this blog a success.


Do forgive me for any grammar, spelling mistakes or lack of vocabulary. I’m not the best writer around and sometimes experience great difficulty on expressing what I have in mind. But I am trying to improve.


So, since this is my first post, I might as well tell you what “Bahay Kubo” is and why this blog is called just that.


“Bahay” is the Filipino word for house while “Kubo” is hut, or shack, or something like that. Bahay Kubo, simply called Nipa Hut in English, is the Philippine’s national house. It is made of bamboos tied together and dried coconut leaves (I think… somebody correct me if I’m wrong) serving as the roof. It is a very simple type of house, yet cozy, and made from very inexpensive materials. Bahay Kubo’s are usually seen in provinces and countryside.


Here’s a picture:


 Now, doesn\'t that look homely?

Simplicity is beauty.


I’ve always wanted to go to live in one like this, in an old small town, far far away from the chaos of the modern world. Do some farming in the fields under the sun while singing folk songs with my fellow farmers, fetching pails of water from the river faraway then racing with each other on who gets home first, ride some carabaos or simply swing with vines and yell like Tarzan to go from one place to another, eating what healthy things I have grown in the fields and share with everyone in town, climbing on guava trees and eat guava fruits to my heart’s content…


Ah, such a simple life must be very rewarding, don’t you think? No stress, no sickness, no pollution…


…no junk foods, no sodas, no fast food chains…


…no cable (heck, there’s no television) no radios, no computers, no cell phones…


…no fluorescent lights, no running water, no washing machines, no toilets…


Erm, I’m going to stop now…




So, back to the point. Why is this blog called “Bahay Kubo?”


Because it represents humility, peace of mind, and family. It is simple yet warm and welcoming, just like what I hope this blog would be, too.


And also because I think it would be cool and good for one’s health living in one, never mind the the challenges that comes with it It is hard to imagine life without the comforts modern technology offer us; like toilets.


I couldn’t think of any more reasons other than those. I was actually planning to name this blog with something fancy, like “SmileyBunny Pink.” Weird, I know. But I changed my mind and looked around for something to give me an idea. I saw my sketch pad and fumbled through it for a while until I came across my own dream Bahay Kubo that I plan on building in the distant future, and so there you go!


Well, that’s all for now. I suddenly ran out of things to say. Lol.


See you later!


P.S. Don’t let anything you have be taken for granted, no matter how small or unimportant it may seem… like toilets.


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6 thoughts on “Hello, World of Blogs!

  1. enormously guud…

    just quite curious bout that creature uV mentioned..
    could u dig more about that scenario…

    though it was really,really fyn….

    d heck xp,
    i loOove yah title gal!

    i mean that.

  2. popoyabnoy

    loh chingu…
    and i wud surely response embarrassed.
    okay….i got ur point….
    mm…bout meh being too coherent in expressing secnarios….(mine was logicallly inconsistent)haha!grr…..(i know)in fact i was getting ur point in about one,no,three seconds i guess…haha!
    and about that typo-error….mmm….let me work on that!
    ur bunny is cute,i must say,
    more adorable than u fwen…kidding asyd!
    thX though.
    and about that guy……
    so curious bout that “creature” huh….
    i met him jus this summeh,and he got meh!(badly)
    neither way,
    were buddies…tsk!
    i loathe whenever i cEe them…though my emotion is mixed, envy and gladness,gladness in a sense that i was left howling in one corner cause i find them so pretty together….like an artwork of wayne thiebaud(did i spell it ryt?)
    so much wit that…
    let me ask u bout that creature uV been talking bout(n ur blog),u know!…. …

    (did i put this in d ryt track?)

    tHX for sure!

  3. popoyabnoy

    i mean “scenario…..haha!
    (forgiV meh)

  4. meriken

    we shall strive and work hard to improve our writing, ne mah chingu?

    SmileyBunny Pink: (taunts Meriken) HA! Your friend thinks I’m cuter that you! Bleh! (strikes a sexy pose)

    Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. Why do you think I named you SmileyBunny Pink? Now go away (tosses the stuffed bunny somewhere far away)

    SmileyBunny Pink: I’ll get you for this!!!.. (fades away in the distance..)

    (smiles innocently) anyway, back to your “creature.” Him. i’m no love doctor, in fact i am quite clueless about these kind of things… but one thing i believe in is that everything will turn out fine in the end. i have no idea how to deal with that situation, but if i were to put myself in your shoes, i think i’d just… i dunno, let things go by their own way, sit back and relax and watch things unfold by their own. sorry, i’m such a laid-back person. hehe…

    if you find them so pretty together… then that means you appreciate them together, right? and don’t look down on yourself. i’m sure you two would look as pretty as them, if not prettier, if you’re with someone you truly love and loves you back.

    erm, it’s quite past midnight here now, so i’m gonna stop blabbereing.

    i think i’m going to let mr. SmileyBunny Pink post something for tomorrow. ne? lol…

  5. Paul

    what nice website you have here.

  6. meriken

    thanks for visiting, paul!=)

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