From Worst to Better

This is an excerpt from my journal dated last April 8. I just wanted to share it to you…


There I was, feeling very annoyed and depressed. Someone just HAD to invent “homework” and make my life complicated, huh? Why!? Why!? Why~!?! I have two essays over due, psychology homework to be submitted tonight, and I still haven’t even finished even half of lab report; and it’s due this Thursday! How am I supposed to finish that within one day!? Argh!


 But… something quite pleasing happened to me today at school. And frankly, it made my mood better. Right after class, after English, I was passing (almost stomping my feet) by the hallways. I noticed a piece of tissue paper on the ground on my way. I was about to pick it up, but somebody else was walking behind me. I thought to myself, “If I pick this piece of trash up, it’ll probably seem unsanitary to others. And I don’t want to get germs on me. And there are so many more important things to worry about.” So I walked past it. A few steps later, I saw a trashcan. My conscience kicked in and screamed to me “PICK UP THAT GARBAGE AND THROW IT IN THE TRASHCAN, you lazy piece of scum!” So (ignoring the scum comment) I said to myself, “Oh, what the heck. Might as well get rid of the world one less trash.” So I went back and picked the tissue (which was right beside the random guy who was walking beside me who stopped walking as soon as I started to walk back) up, walked towards the trashcan and threw it there. Feeling happy that I did something good, I started to walk away again, but then before I could get too far, the guy who was walking beside me told me, “That was nice of you.”

I smiled to him. “Thanks.”

He said something else that I didn’t catch, but who cares!? I was too busy smiling at the moment to comprehend anything around me. We separated ways the next hallway.


I couldn’t help but smile and smile and smile again after that. I’m glad I picked that trash up. I’ll do it again the next time I see another piece of garbage lying on the floor. It’s not that I don’t pick up garbage when I see them on the floor. My conscience is a very powerful influence to all my decisions, so every time I see something lying on the floor, I pick it up and throw it in the trash can. Next time, I’m not going to hesitate. [End of entry.]


Hehe, the first paragraph is kind of full of childish complaints, now that I think about it. Please ignore that.


The lesson here is that simple good deeds— very simple things like picking up garbage lying on the floor and throwing it in the trashcan and getting praised because of it— can make the worst day of your life, better.=)


Let’s start doing good things, ne?


Aw…I’m such a nice person, am I?


SmileyBunny Pink: (rolls his button eyes) Nice person, yeah right.You really gotta work on that low self-esteem, buddy.


What? I was just kidding, you know! And why are you not inside your wrapper!? Go back before you get those cute pink ears of yours dirty!


SmileyBunny Pink: (glares) …I hate you… (hops away). 

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