A Moment of Prayer


China Earthquake disaster.


 I am sure everybody have heard about this. Being the amateur writer that I am, I have no idea on how to deliver news nor do I have the power of persuading others to do something I ask them to. But I’m going to try my best. Here I go…


 Monday, May 12, 2008, the province of Shichuan, China had been struck by an earthquake reaching up to 7.8 in magnitude. More than 32,000 people, mostly children, had been killed, and still counting.


 I just browsed some captured photos of the disaster last Wednesday and Friday. I could see nothing but fallen debris of buildings, corpses covered by blankets, and fathers, mothers and relatives crying their hearts out. The worst part is that most of the corpses found were of children buried under piles and piles of wreckage.


 Take a look at the most heart-breaking picture I’ve seen here:



 Click for more pictures: http://hongdou2.gxnews.com.cn/forumview.asp?topic_id=336282


 Nearly a whole generation has been wiped off in one day. This is just a reminder how fragile life is in the face of nature.


 This is also a reminder that there are many more important things happening out there and that we shouldn’t be so wrapped up in our own things. We need to open our eyes and be aware of our surroundings, and be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.


 Let’s stop thinking of our plans on meeting friends on the mall this afternoon, or what shoes are you going to wear for the party tonight. Let’s take a moment of our day to pray for those who died, that they may find peace in the afterlife together with God.


 Let’s also pray for those who survived this tragedy that they may have the strength to move on with new hope in their lives. It wouldn’t be easy, I am sure, for I wouldn’t have known what to do if I were in their shoes.


 Let’s pray and hope for those who haven’t been found yet that they may have the will and strength to stay alive


 Lastly, let’s pray for the rescuers who have been working nonstop that may their hope in finding survivors never diminish and that may they have the strength to continue longer.


 Let’s start praying now. Let’s help our brothers and sisters in China; those who have died, those who have survived, and those who have yet to be found.


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