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The post count was thirteen, and I think I have more than enough bad luck already so… I posted another one.

Anyway, I love this version of the music video. The DBSK guys looked really handsome and sad (squeal!), and I still am not getting tired of the song. In fact, I can recite the japanese lyrics like a tongue twister now, no kidding. Even searched for the guitar chords (which by the way are taking toll on my fingers) and I’m trying to write my own english version, which I don’t think I’m ever going to finish, since school is starting hours from now (I really need to go to bed now) and I won’t have time to write, or read fanfictions… or have fun.

Three posts in a row. Well, that oughta do it for the next two weeks. hehe.


P.S. I’ve been too busy these past three weeks so I haven’t been able to update, or open my friendster account (in case anybody out there who’ve left me a comment is reading). I’ll try to get to it on Tuesday, I promise.

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