Remember my poem “A Friend’s Farewell” that I said I turned into a song about a year ago? Well, as a result of severe procrastination of studying and a request from my friend Jhen, I recorded it and uploaded it in Youtube. Here it is, entitled “Someday”…


Someday (by Maria Erika D. Enriquez)

I always knew there will be a time for us to say goodbye
Here on Earth, everything’s ought to change
Even our friendship will fade out soon
It’s hard to admit, but it’s true

I know that if I go away today
Nothing will ever be the same for us again
But I’ll never forget the memories
And the dreams we share

That when we meet again someday
Even if we never could bring back the broken bond forever
We can still make a better bond, greater and stronger
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
I’ll wait…

My mind is young and unrefined, my heart frail and weak
I don’t really understand things so sharp and sleek
But let me tell you how you made me understand
How you made my narrow and child-bounded mind expand

You hold a part of me that I can’t live without
You made me see what life is all about
You’re not the perfect person all around
You’re not the perfect friend who never makes a sound

But I don’t care, I love you and that’s what matters now
I do not even need to make out a promise or a vow
You may not be the nicest nor the strongest one around
But you help me stand up when I fall on the ground
Tall and proud

Together we’ve been traveling in this long road of life
But here comes a point where the road’s been cut by a knife
The once one way had been divided by a cross
I don’t want to part but in this life I’m not boss

Before I step inside that metal bird
Before I finish packing up my jeans and shirts
Before I step outside the borders of our home
I have to make sure that you won’t feel alone

I can’t come back at once when you start to cry
Nor will I be there to boost you up when you become too shy
Just remember that you’ll never be alone
Even if I’m far away, in your heart I’m home

….Again someday…
Even if we never could bring back the broken bond forever
We can still make a better bond, greater and stronger
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
I know we’ll meet again someday
Even if we never could bring back the times we’re not together
I know you’ll wait for me and someday I’d be back
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
We’d drink beer, eat and laugh and I’ll never sing this song again
I’ll wait for that day
When we’re together again
I’m gonna be waiting for it
Waiting for it
Waiting for it…

It’s actually my fifth take and I still messed up a few lines, and my voice also cracked (how embarrassing…). But, yeah…

Dedicated to Boyle and Archimedes batch 2007  and the other graduating classes to come.


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6 thoughts on “Someday

  1. freakynewchild

    Hey there. You actually have a nice voice, and as I listened to your song and read the lyrics I got the feeling that you’re a rather humble person. That’s great; however, I think that the “I’m not a brilliant singer, nor a composer, nor a guitar player. I don’t even own the guitar. So apologies if it doesn’t sound good” (on YouTube) is a bit … what’s the word… Wrong.
    You see, brilliance takes work. In other words keep working on your song, let it grow. More importantly, keep on enjoying your song, & write, compose more songs so that I can come to your blog and sprout nonsense. But then, do not apologize for your singing unless someone, you know, gets wounded by songs or something, which I can’t really see happening, so …

  2. =) Thank you! You’re right, I should be proud of my song, shouldnt I? It’s just that I’ve heard a lot of other songs in youtube, and I felt that mine isn’t as good as the others. But I really shouldn’t think about it, huh? As long as I can express myself without hurting anyone in the process, I have nothing to apologise.
    Thank you very much for the advise! I will take it to heart! Also, thank you for visiting=)

  3. Paul

    Its the best song I’ve heard..i love it..=)

  4. jeremiah really missin the MNHS..hope we can make r alma matter proud 2 ol of us..godbless..P

  5. mhelan uk.

    you have a lovely voice keep going mate best wishes mhenar london.

  6. l.lawliet

    nice one dear.

    good song.

    u’v got an amazing voice,too. =)

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