Soundtrip 1: Just sneaking around…

Okay, right now I’m in a violation of my contract (something I made to help me concentrate on studying this week) to refrain using the internet for non-educational purposes and avoid visiting all the sites that I like (blogs, Friendster, Youtube and fanfiction sites) from today up to Saturday because I have a ten-page research paper due this Friday (I’ve only finished three pages… T_T)and a test in Biology this Saturday. Each violation will result on a 2-day restriction next week fom the computer, my story notebooks and my sketch pad. And I’ve violated 2 rules… T_T

But I just have to share this song…

Credits for  the video and translation to DiruGirl @

“Kiss Shita Mama Sayonara” by the one and only DBSK (or TVXQ, or Tohoshinki, whatever you want to call them…). Two of the members, Yoochun and Jaejoong composed it.

While listening to instrumental versions of their songs to help me relax when studying, I stumled upon the instrumental of this song, and boy, did the melody give me goosebumps, especially the chorus! I can’t believe I ignored this song just because the title didn’t sound appealing to me! What the heck was I thinking?!

Oh, well. I’m just going to enjoy the song.

*listens and daydreams.. err… nightdreams since it’s 8:36 pm*

Man, Yoochun is a musical genius!


DBSK’s 4th Korean Album “Mirotic”  is almost out. I though I’d never like that song, but strangely it’s stuck in my head all day… I guess I like it then…

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