Rantings : GROW UP, PLEASE?

Dear Erie,

Who knew that the world would be full of haters who have nothing else better to do than to… hate? Really, it’s disturbing how some people could hate other people they don’t even know, so much that they wish those people to just die or drop dead. Hey, I’m not a saint or an angel, but come on! I value life and would never even think of killing off a person, much less a person who didn’t do anything to me! Every human has a right to live, no matter how evil… okay, maybe not the vile, evil ones who has absolutely no heart or conscience whatsoever (but would such person really exist?). Only God has the right to take away the life of someone.

So, why suddenly post about all this? Well, yesterday at about 11 PM, I’ve just completed an assignment about “Interdependence” and Bill Clinton stating about how interdepence would make the 21st century the most memorable and peaceful era (or something like that). Which is fairly true, I thought. If people learn to cooperate, then they will realize that everyone is of equal importance and that no one is greater than the other. We would learn to accept one abother and avoid disputes and global wars. I thought this was pretty good and insightful.

And so, after completing the assignment, I decided to visit one of my favorite blogs (I’m not going to mention the name). There was a recent article concerning about two groups competing for an award in this particular music station (again, I’m not going to mention all the names or details). In the end, the group with the more experience won. I was feeling pretty happy because it was my most favored group. So I browsed through the comment board expecting to see the happy reactions of my fellow fans and maybe some sore loser comments…

You know what I saw? Extreme bashing and totally racist comments. And I mean EXTREME and TOTALLY RACIST! Let me demonstrate:

Commenter 1: That group totally SUCK! They just won because they probably payed off the awards show! They should just go die!

Commenter 2: STFU! They won because they’re talented! Not like you! Go die!

Commenter 3: Stupid biased fans like you are deaf! You call that ‘talented?’ They’re nothing but useless GAY lypsincers! They make my ears bleed! GAY GAY GAY! Keep denying you little brats!

Commenter 4: You (insert a random nationality here) fans make us (insert random nationality here) fans look bad! You the bad people! Not us! We hate you! Your country bad bad bad! Full of fat people! GO burn to death!

Commenter 5: I’M GONNA RAPE YOU ALL (insert random nationality here)!

Note: This is not the real comments that I’ve read. The real comments are a thousand times worse.

What in the world…!? RETARDED, right!?! (Sorry for my choice of words, but I just need to get it out of my system). What are they, three-year-olds?!? Oh, I’n not saying that three-year-old kids are morbid (kids are precious and lovable and pure!)! But the people who posted these kinds of comments are grown-ups who act like spoiled brats. It’s immature, ridiculous and downright disturbing!

What they were arguing about is completely pointless! It’s just a music awards show, for goodness sake! To go as far as cursing a whole country shows how immature and racist they are. There are more important issues in the world! War in Iraq, world hunger, heck, the Economy! Why bash a whole country just because of one group winning an award!? What’s the connection!?

I know the world isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and some may think that I’m just making a fool out of myself because this is not uncommon. Yes, these kinds of morbid comments are widespread across the web. Honestly, I’ve come across several of these in the past, but I ignored them because it was just ridiculous and were only one or two, but these… Those comments above come in every comment made in that article. Everytime I read a comment, I had to wince and say “OUCH!” even if it’s not directed to me. I know I shouldn’t be taking these kinds of comments seriously. But these guys need to see a psychiatrist real bad. I’m serious. Either they are mentally unstabe people or just attention-seekers who have nothing else better to do than start wars.

Where has respect gone to? Goodness? Kindness? Consideration? Justice? Rationality? Morals? I can’t help but think about the downside of the Internet and freedom of speech. People can say things that would make their mothers wash their mouths rigorously with soap (or in this case, acid), and they don’t have to fear anything because they’re in the safety of their own house. It’s not like they would get beat up or get in jail or something.

You know what all these make me want to do? Compose a song. Yeah, that’s right. Compose a song that would pierce through the hearts of every person of this world and would make them think twice about their actions, mend their ways and forget about all the hate in the world. I know it’s a nearly impossible feat. Scratch that. It’s an IMPOSSIBLE feat. People differ in preference and taste. And it’s not like I’m a genius composer. But I’m gonna try anyway. Maybe not now, maybe not later. Maybe never, but I’m still going to try to write something. In cases like this, it’s important to think positive, think positive! I can do this. I can. I can.

Spread the LOVE, people! Hate gets you nowhere! It only gets you wrinkles!

Truly yours,


P.S. Sorry I haven’t appeared in such a long time. School’s not going the way I wanted it to and DBSK’s comeback really took a lot of my time in Youtube. And the dear Erie above, I don’t know how to start so I just included the name of my Private Journal. And yes, this is an entry on my private journal, where I write things that doesn’t make sense in the spur of the moment.

Peace out!

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