For Real

Sigh… Depressing week, eh? T_T


This Time for Real

This time, I’ll try to say goodbye
To all the days I’ve spent with you.
I know when it pass I won’t cry
‘cause I have set my love to die.
And just in case my heart forgets,
Though I would doubt it ever will,
Just keep in mind, there was a time
That there was once a love to kill.
I can’t keep on, it’s hard to breath.
I’m sorry love, I have to leave.
I must forget, I must move on
And teach myself to walk alone.
I close my eyes and walk away.
I’m sorry love, but I can’t stay.


Sigh… Oh, the pain of unrequited love and weak self-control! The consequences as not so pleasant. I feel like drowning myself with orange juice (’cause I’m still underage and alcohol is off limits)!

I wonder what would happen if I truly suffer a break-up from a relationship?

SmileyBunny: *snorts* You’re such a drama queen.

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