Simple Pleasures

Hello, blog that I have abandoned for several months now!

*gets hit with cyber rotten tomatoes*

SmileyBunny: Boo!

SmileyBunny is angry at me for ignoring him for months xD.  He just attacked me this morning with a dirty mop, and threatened to rip my precious DBSK posters into pieces if I don’t post an update…

SmileyBunny: -_-” I was happy you were gone, you biscuit head. And you DON’T have DBSK posters.

I do to! (<–wait, is that even grammatically correct?). …okay, so I don’t have any DBSK posters… But kill my dream, will you! You are the meanest stuff toy in the world!

SmileyBunny: *sticks tongue out* Just get on with the blogging, will you?

Fine! I shall ignore you more for the rest of the update! Hmph!

SmileyBunny: *drums fingers*Oh no… It’s the end of the world… Ahh… Whatever.

[actual post under the cut x)] 

Okay, enough with that crack. There were a few times when I almost posted something, but I couldn’t make a coherent enough article. Between begrudging schoolwork, stalking DBSK (naturally), my 18th birthday (woohoo!), rewatching anime programs that I missed years ago, writing/reading fanfictions, dreading final exams, cursing online classes, and almost failing Nutrition (that has been the biggest scare of my life), I couldn’t think of anything interesting to share.

But now I do. And I thank my cute little brother Matt because of that =)

Last Sunday, after attending mass, the family decided a 30-minute drive is nothing for a Chinese Buffet restaurant. (By the way, if you’re curious, I ate fried rice, bihon, coconut shrimp, fried shrimp, and fries =P)Before going home, my bro borrowed some of my quarters to buy three pieces of bubble gum. One for him, one for me, and one for my other bro.

About five minutes through the journey home, Matt asked me to teach him how to make a bubble. And so I did, and it was the funniest thing ever. I spent a whole 15 minutes trying to show him how, instructing him by words, showing him my gum, repeatedly taking it out of my mouth and back again (I know, gross), and twisting my tongue, making exaggerated expressions, etc. Matt was a mixture of tearing his hair out in frustration and laughing at almost always spitting his gum out. It was hilarious! The veins in his forehead was bulging! Like this:

My sketching skills are a little rusty... =P

My sketching skills are a little rusty... =P


Finally after about 20 minutes of constant trying and failing and flailing his arms, and me blabbering words like “Twist it. No, twist it! Now flatten it! NO! FLATTEN!!! Yes, like that! Like that! No, not like that!! (insert hysterical laughter here),” Matt finally managed to blow his first gum bubble. The happiness in his face was indescribable, and he kept hugging me and thanking me. He wore this really REAAALLLYYY big grin, blowing and laughing and almost-spitting gum all over the car till we got home.

Yep, he's that happy.

Yep, he's that happy.

One of the best bonding-moments in my life *grins*. And I didn’t get frustrated even a bit, which is a miracle because I can’t teach someone something without tearing my hair out.

Simple pleasures don’t need money at all… except maybe a few quarters.

P.S. I shot the images with my new digicam my mom gave me as a gift for my birthday. Oh yeah!

And I want to give a shout out to the KIDZ, I LOVE YOU GUYS! I MISS YOU ALL!!!

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