(Test) To Watch or Not to Watch

This is a test to find out if I can put a summary to this post. But feel free to read my incoherent rant =)

EDIT: Yes! I think I did it!!! After one full year, I finally did it!!! Thank you, wordpress forums!!!

I am currently in a dilemma concerning a certain anime called Yugioh Duel Monsters. And I am near to tearing my hair over it. Seriously.

So these past few months, I’ve been trying to rekindle my obsession for anime (I can’t help it, I’m terribly bored and DBSK didn’t have much activities as of lately). I started with Detective Conan. I started at Episode 50, but sadly never made it past episode 100. There was just too many episodes and the mystery-solving kind of got repetitive for me, so I switched to Dragonball Z. I really loved that show, it’s part of my childhood and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. But I kind of skipped most of the episodes, like the last parts of Freeza Saga. I watched all the episodes with Future Trunks in it (really, how cute is he!?), skipped the Android Saga and whole Cell Saga (already watched it few years back) and proceeded to watching an awkward Gohan go through high school (he and Videl are the cutest couple ever!), watched the epic Goten vs. Trunks tournament fight, skipped the Majinbuu Saga, and then… well, that’s it. And then I watched the movie “Bardock: Goku’s Father,” plus “A Hero’s Legacy.” I am still extremely impressed how the animators are sooooo detailed about each episode. I mean, take the first fight between Goku and Vegeta from the Saiyan Saga… it took almost 20 FREAKING EPISODES. Like, wow.

For a while I proceeded to read Dragonball Z fanfictions. Which led me to start reading some Cardcaptor Sakura fics, which then led me to ask the question which bothered me endlessly, “Is/Are Yukito and/or Touya gay?” which led me to search for an answer at google (I have no comment over that issue) which led me to stumble upon an anime review about Samurai X, the legendary Hitokiri Battousai and my first love Kenshin Himura, which finally led me to think about the age-old question (probably when I was 13 or 14) “Who do I chose, Kenshin or Yami?” (they were my favorite shows back then, okay!? I often find myself trying to chose between the two of them, which I deemed impossible back then). So, since I already watched Samurai X series for… oh, I don’t know, five times, I decided to go for Yugioh Duel Monsters which I wasn’t able to finish for some reason. I started with Yugioh Season Zero, when the ancient spirit (Yami) was all sinister and evil-like and Yugi was the same naive 12-year-old-looking 16-year-old teenager, and Anzu (Tea) was not-as-annoying-as-her-American-counterpart, and Jonouchi (Joey) was all gangster and bad, and Tristan was… I don’t know how to describe him, but let’s just say my once cool image of him is shattered into pieces. Oh, and Kaiba had green hair, and was all smiley and cheerful when he first appeared (that was the creepiest thing I have ever seen). I only got up to episode 20 because… well, the green hair had something to do with it. And I wanted to watch Duel Monsters immediately.

And here comes my dilemma. The version I’m currently watching is the 4kids dubbed version. After watching more the a hundred episodes, I have come to love the voice actors, especially the ones doing Yugi/Yami and Joey (BROOKLYN RAAGGEE!!!)‘s voices and the video quality is crystal clear, but the problem is that 4kids censored many scenes because of inappropriate themes (they were, after all, for kids… Pun intended), and because of that, many turning points of the plot and the plot itself is changed (at least, according to the commenters). Now, I consider myself a writer (or as close to a writer as I’ll ever be) and I consider story plots very important and should not be changed. Watching the 4kids version always makes me wonder what REALLY happened and what was REALLY said. Now, the English dubbed version I watched back in the Philippines (I think it was by a company called ASN?) was much closer to the original Japanese, but I can’t find the series. I could of course just watch the Japanese version, but… the subs aren’t exactly accurate and the the videos’ quality…  not so good, plus I’m hesitant to leave the English voices of Yugi/Yami and Joey (BROOKLYN RAAAGGEE!!! lol, sorry, I can’t help myself). I can’t seem to decide what to watch: 4kids or the original?


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