Are you serious? No, seriously.

Angsty stuff below the cut.

Just thought about posting something randomly because I can not for the life of me get some poorly said comments about five of my favorite people in the world out of my head. The thing is, those comments are so ridiculously untrue, impossibly ignorant and very bias-driven that it hurts, and I couldn’t even get angry. I just laughed, pointed at the monitor and exclaimed “Are you serious? No, seriously?” So I did the only thing I can do. Very calmly and very politely reply and rebuke their comments and defend my favorite group without offending anybody or making assumptions and bad-mouthing the other party. It’s harder than it sounds. Really.

And boy, it’s making me feel so… stressed.

Really, it wasn’t even worth mentioning, but I just can’t get it off my mind and I don’t know why but my stomach’s churning in knots. I am so uncomfortable and I just can’t seem to keep still so here I am typing away and ranting about how I’m feeling so distressed about some measly comments. I feel like my life would have been easier if I was brutally frank and unafraid of throwing biting comments everywhere. Kind of like Jaejoong’s foot-in-mouth disease and Changmin’s biting sarcasm. Yep, good combination of wits there.

Sigh. Hate to say it, but this whole lawsuit issue is getting to me and making me very emotional. Hope it’d be solved soon ’cause really, I hardly need this roller coaster.

By the way, how do you get past a block when writing poems? I’m writing one and I can’t seem to find a way to end it, so I kept going and now I am stuck.

Darn it.

Oh yeah, by the way, fandom stinks.

SmileyBunny: *whistles* Somebody’s in a foul mood.

Shut it or in microwave oven you’ll go.

SmileyBunny: And apparently violent.

…I’m serious.

SmileyBunny: Shutting up now.

Smart bunny.

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