Red Ocean

Disclaimer: The term “Red Ocean” referring to the fanclub Cassiopeia was not coined by me.

AN: Red Ocean to DBSK’s eyes from my point of view…


Red Ocean

The rush of cheers that sweeps away my soul
   brings tears into my eyes. I howl
   and wail and sing my heart, and prowl
   with every beat of heart. I fly
   and fall, reach up and fail and yet
   these people cheer and smile and wail.
I laugh, they laugh. I cry, they cry.
I sing, they sing to bars avail.

I stand to be what I have dreamed,
Worked hard to what these people deem.
Some others doubt but in the end
To the immensive sea they bend.
The others left don’t give away
   a thing, but sneers and snide and hate.
It’s hard to know their reason why;
They’re hard enough to satiate.

I give my all, I do my best,
And though I sometimes fail the test,
Standing still, immensive sea,
Like warriors set to drive away
   the enemy who cries with glee;
A moment of mistake he pries;
The vultures pick on every wound
Until I break and fall and cry.

Immensive sea, still they stand,
Beside–my side– like countless sand.
Immensive sea, like burning fire,
Good luck to those who rouse her ire.
Scathing looks at me will meet
A tide of vengeance not so sweet.
Good tidings bring good tiding, though.
Praise-worthy through her eyes shall meet.

A lover, child, a fiend, a friend;
So much describes the ocean red.
Though often full of good intent,
Her enemies have often bled.
A lover sweet and kind and good,
A jealous girlfriend when she broods.
A child who looks and laugh at me.
Attention-seeking brat she’d be.
Companions through my night and day,
A friend who keeps my ghosts at bay.
A mother guiding through a storm,
Protecting me from every scorn.

And when I stand before the sea,
It overwhelms, I feel the love
   and pure affections like a storm
   of pure emotions clashing hard.
Exhilirating freedom felt
Through practiced actions ever dealt.
A sweet, sweet irony, it seems;
A prison bursting in its seams.
Confusing jumbled words just flow
Like endless streams of crystal clear.
A mumbled “Thank you” through my tears,
A heartfelt passion met with cheers.

The pearl red sea, so often seen
   a threat, sinister force to deem
Now see, won’t they be proven wrong?
Admire at how they form a team.
In times of great despair, they stay
Protecting me all night and day.
The lies spewed by vultures had
   befallen angry hearts and flayed.
And now together they stand
Against the threats the foe has laid.
A family supporting each
And everyone through every shade.

The once young pearl red sea has grown
   into an ocean larger and
   their once unsure and swaying
   love cemented firm remain unbarged.
I treasure you deep in my heart.
Come hear me give more than my part.
Cassiopeia, your loud cheers ring.
Now sit a while and hear me sing.


AN: …That was tiring… Yeah, DBSK inspires the creativity juices to keep flowing. *face palm* I am so lame.

Copyright October 21, 2009 by Meriken (Bahay Kubo). Please do not take out or distribute without author’s persmission.

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