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Soundtrip 2

Alright! It’s true! I admit it! I am a shameless obsessed DBSK fan with absolutely no social life whatsoever! There!

SmileyBunny: As if that wasn’t obvious enough…

And so I will offer no excuses as to why I am currently addicted to these songs:

First up, Darkness Eyes. It’s dark. It’s angsty, hypnotizingly poignant and it’s reeking of Tohoshinki epic-ness. And I love it. So watch and listen!

SmileyBunny: Don’t you dare start drooling or I’ll use your face to mop the keyboard!

I so do not drool! I just like the choreo, that’s all!

Second, All In Vain. Mysterious. Sexy. Shady with a tint of jazz, and Yoochun’s voice is oh-my-goodness-so-totally-right I can’t imagine anyone else being the main vocal of this song.

I soooo love the english parts… I think the not-so-perfect pronounciations give the song a distinct Yoochun-flavor… exotic, rough, unique, unrefined and creative! The rap… I didn’t think you could harmonize in a rap! That is just so… so DBSK!

And you know what’s funny? I used to despise these kind of songs two years ago…  Angsty stuff  used to be the bane of my existence. (Teenager in denial, yes, that’s me). It makes me think now, what was I thinking? I sometimes can’t believe how DBSK widened my horizon in music. I mean, hey, this is the band that made Mirotic one of my favorite songs. Me, Little Miss Wholesome who lives purely with sunshine and butterflies, listens to this? <– addicting song, by the way… Just give it time to sink it.

Good music is good music whatever language or whatever genre.

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