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I am currently feeling depressed because I just realized that I am a truly horrible, heartless, cruel, selfish, (insert negative adjectives here) person… and that I have a four-page essay due tomorrow that I haven’t started yet… and that I am a truly horribly pathetic, self-pitying, self-wallowing, (insert more negative adjectives here), and that this world shouldn’t have to deal with a great hypocrite like me.

When change is so hard to achieve, what do you do? When nobody is around to help you help yourself, how do you change?

SmileyBunny: *whistles* What’s up with all the angst?

Hug me! *goes and glomps the plushie*

SmileyBunny: What? Wait! Don’t you d– Oof! *get glomped on and struggles to breathe* Grr… Whoever made you miserable will pay!

*sniffs* Aw, how sweet. You mean it?

SmileyBunny: Of course! Whoever it is, he or she is after my life!

… Maybe I should just toss you in a blender…

SmileyBunny: You’re evil.

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