Oh Woe is Me

I’m currently in one of those dreaded angsty moods when I feel like my pain is totally unique and unheard of and nobody understands what I’m going through and why me, world? why me?!

… Ahem.

But yeah, I’m in angsting-mode right now and I plan to tell the world exactly why, no matter how insignificant and nonsense it may be. Here I go…

I miss this so much T_TI MISS MY BOYS SO MUCH  T_T *insert hysterical wailing* I want my dorkily cute and happy Dong Bang back, oozing with brotherly-love and drool-inducing performances andaffectionate Junsu-abuse and everything that is good and well in the fandom!

Listening to their songs now are both pain and pleasure, reminder of what I’m missing and what I want back but completely powerless to do anything about it. It doesn’t help that two-thirds of the songs in my MP3 are composed of DBSK/ Tohoshinki songs. Even listening to “Balloons” makes me want to cry and it’s probably the most cheerful and energetic song DSBK ever sang.

Oh yeah, and Spring Semester’s starting tomorrow. *insert more wailing*

Oh, and cutesy Korean girl group songs are continuously playing in MYX right now and I just want to bang my head to the nearest wall begging “STOP! PLEASE, FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD AND PLEASANT, STOP!” Every wanna pretty? What the heck does that mean and why is it even lyrics to a song!?

SmileyBunny: If cutesy overly-colorful, toothache-inducing, brain-melting songs annoy you so much then just change the channel, dimwit.

Shut it, bitter alter ego. I’m too busy angsting to find the remote.

SmileyBunny: Lazy masochist.

Remind me why I keep you around, you apathetic and totally not-cute thing?

SmileyBunny: You seem to have had the notion that creating a sarcastic, realist and smarter character to banter with would be cool (which I am). That, and you seem to think that having a personality that reflects everything that is your opposite would keep you from angsting too much. And, you think that having me channel Changmin’s sarcastic wit would be fun.

Yeah, that last bit didn’t work out as I thought it would. And I created you because having a biting personality as opposed to looking cute and cuddly was such a fascinating concept, not because you’re supposed to be my opposite.

SmileyBunny: You call me your sarcastic, bitter and totally lame alter ego. And by the way, I resent you for that.

…Okay, fine. But you are totally opposing your purpose by not making feel better.

SmileyBunny: But at least your focus to your angst is diverted by writing this conversation.

Yeah, it did. Talking to myself is tiring, by the way. Any words to me feel better?

SmileyBunny: Switch fandoms. Quit K-pop. Visual Kei is cool. Don’t do drugs.

…Uh, switching fandoms is not easy and I have no plans on being un-Cassie-fied. I plan to quit K-Pop if DBSK disbands (which I hope isn’t any time soon) anyway, and it isn’t as if I ever liked K-Pop in its entirety (somehow other girl groups and boy bands don’t appear appealing to me). Visual Kei IS cool, but scream-o is a no-no for me. That last bit is a sound advice, but nothing new.

SmileyBunny: Fine, don’t appreciate me. It’s not like I’m trying to help or anything.


SmileyBunny: Fine.




I  have no life.

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