Fictitious Fic

Meriken: !!!!!!!

SmileyBunny: (raises eyebrow) Eloquent as always, I see.

Meriken: !!!!!!!!!!!

SmileyBunny: Yes, I understand you perfectly… And I’m a sweet and cuddly bunny rabbit.

Meriken: I’m just so very ANGRY at the laptop right now! That… that (insert angry imaginary made-up words that distinctly sounds like cursing but ends up being harmless and funny anyway) ruined my fic!!!

SmileyBunny: (flatly) Your knowledge of the English vocabulary is astounding.

Meriken: You don’t understand! That… that piece of malfunctioning pathetic excuse for a technology product ruined–RUINED my file! DESTROYED ONE OF MY FICS! The fic that I’ve been working hard on for the last three days suddenly reduced to a bunch of incomprehensable detestable little squares that pretend to be letters (the fakes!) with just a SNAP!

(Bangs head on the keyboard. Hard.)

WHY!? (dramatically collapses to knees while the background fades to black and a spotlight focuses on her) I’ve sacrificed studying time for that fic! I’ve spent countless hours of writing and editing and adding and editing and deleting and paraphrasing and editing and editing some more and I was going to post it in my livejournal tomorrow because it’s alsmost ALMOST finished and I REALLY WANT TO CRY RIGHT NOW!

(Starts wailing. Loudly.)

SmileyBunny: (rolls eyes and mutters about geeky writers being obsessed about their stories and why couldn’t his creator have been someone cool and not geeky?) There, there (mock sympathy) no use crying over unwittingly deleted/accidentally ruined fics that you were only seconds from finishing before posting on livejour– Wait, YOU HAVE A LIVEJOURNAL!? Since when and why wasn’t I informed about this!?

Meriken: (dramatic background fades and suddenly looking anywhere but the stuffed potentially rabid bunny) Uhm…

SmileyBunny: (gaping in disbelief) You… You traitor!

Meriken: Hey!

SmileyBunny: How could you!? How dare you start another journal when you barely even update this one!?

Meriken: (looking sheepish) See, the thing is–

SmileyBunny: None of your excuses! What you’ve done was done and you can’t change it!

Meriken: (confused) Sheesh, it’s just another online journal, and  just for my DBSK fanfiction. What’s the big deal?

SB: What’s the big deal? What’s the BIG DEAL! You started another online journal! You… (starts tearing up) cheater! I thought what we had was special!

Meriken: What!? Hey, we talked about this, remember? You know, a kind of coping mechanism because I’m still depressed over what’s happening to my boyfriends TVXQ as well as practise for my lifelong ambition of reaching worldwide popularity by writing a super mega bestseller novel and… uhm… stuff.

SB: You never mentioned starting another online journal!

Meriken: Well, technically, this is a blog, so Freefall is my first online journal.

SB: But… Still!

Meriken: …You’re kinda acting weird today…

SB: (sniff)

Meriken: Huh. Oh well, bye now. I’m off to kill the laptop–I mean… yeah, I’m off to kill the laptop. (waves)

***My lame attempt at cheering myself up. I’m sorry for the insanity.***

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3 thoughts on “Fictitious Fic

  1. hey erika, oh, correct that, meriken.. how are you there? I hope your doing fine.. Its been like 4 years already, right? (keith reminisces the elementary and high school days..) hehe.. oh, btw, of you have time, you could also visit my meager site.. tccic! 😉

    • hi keith!!!!!!!!! (waves like a maniac) Musta na!? thanks for visiting!
      no, wait, you’re reading THIS? ah, I’m embarassed you had to read this brief momentary lapse of my sanity! the bunny made me do it!
      ahem, sorry x) Sugar high, hehe…

  2. oh, dont be embarrased.. I admire this work of yours.. 🙂

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