This is one of those times when I seriously contemplate switching fandoms and/or closing my eyes, turning away and leaving DBSK for good.

SmileyBunny: (shocked) I can’t believe you just said that… Who are you and what have you done with my geek!?

I know, I can’t believe I just said that, too… *slaps self for saying such a terrible thing* And I’m not your geek! I’m my own geek, thank you very much!

SmileyBunny: (still shocked) …You ARE Meriken… (faint) Shoot, hold on– I have to lie down… It’s like a sign of the apocalypse… You denouncing your fandom… wow…

I’m not denouncing my fandom! I’m just… really disappointed and sad right now.

If there’s one thing I’ve always marveled about ever since entering the chaotic world of fandom, it would be why fans invest such deep personal feelings to the artists they love to the point of buying twice the amount of their merchandise just to make sure they get to the top of charts, attacking those who villify and insult them, stalking them at airports, flying from country to country just to see a glimpse of them, and other more frankly insane things that a normal person who admire someone won’t do or would find too fussy. I always wonder what makes a person love someone so much even though that person he/she loves doesn’t even know he/she exists. Why fans feel such joy when their favorite artists when they achieve something, why fans feel angry when the artists get hurt, why fans feel hurt when the artists do something that goes against what was expected of them, why fans feel that the artists owe them something… I think it’s mind-boggling how artists and fans form a relationship when they barely have any personal contact at all.

I don’t begrudge DBSK for their situation now. I don’t blame the trio for filing the lawsuit because they’re fighting for their right to be treated as humans, not slaves. I may not agree with some of the actions they made while fighting in the lawsuit, but I didn’t imagine them perfect or intuned with the ideal images have for them, anyway. I don’t blame the two for not joining them, it’s their choice to stay back and support who they support, if they’re content with what they already have. I may not agree to their choice and would have preferred them to have joined the three, but as I’ve said, it’s their choice, and if they think they’ve made the right choice I respect that. The only entity I’d like to vilify and curse like no other is SM, but I’m trying to be rational and look at the situation through their stand point (so far, I’m still trying to force myself to see something not bad on their side). No luck whatsoever. I’ve always disliked business ventures. It’s like they just like to complicate things so much to infuriate the fans and cause so much more unecessary stress to our already complicated lives.

SmileyBunny: Psh, I keep telling you, just fly to Korea and burn down the building.

Meriken: (exasperated) We’ve talked about this already, Mr. Pink. For the last time, pyromania is not the answer… and plane tickets are freakishly expensive.

SmileyBunny: (shrug) Suit yourself and suffer.

(glares at the bunny) I just miss my boys so much. I want them back together, but it’s like there’s a crack between them that keeps widening every single day. Especially now that the trio formed a unit… I know that I said I’ll support whatever activities each of them chose to do, but… argh, I can’t stand the division. It hurts so much to see them on opposite sides and I don’t know what to do.

Fandom is such a distressing place to be.

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    oh, btw, Im fine.. studies? hmm.. one word: HARD! hehe.. hope I’d pass this semester.. please pray for me.. haha..

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