Books and Staring Contests

So there we were– my youngest brother and I lounging on the couch at ten at night, absently watching TV, being bored to numbness, talking about random subjects ranging from why chocolate is sweet  to what kidneys were for to what happens when you get electrified, me gleefully explaining the answers I know with great detail (years of Biology courses and CNA class have their use after all, which is to gross out my brother explain to my brother the great intricacies of the human body and things that are associated with it), and generally being complete couch potatoes, when suddenly my young companion told me something that I have determinedly burned into my memory for the years to come:

“I once had a staring contest with a book, and I won.”

I looked at my brother blankly and said: “Of course you’ll win. It’s a book. You’re so silly.”

And then he went into telling me in detail how he won the staring contest which could be summarized to this: he got tired of staring at it and just slapped it shut.

At first I was trying to imagine him slapping shut an open book, or maybe an eye was drawn on the cover of the book and he slapped his palm on it to cover it, and then I realized what he was telling me– He had a staring contest with a book, and he won.

I started cracking up. Hard. I was literally rolling on the floor (or couch) laughing.

I couldn’t help it! Imangine my cute little brother sitting on the his school’s library glaring at a book, scrunching his nose and trying hard not to blink through his watering eyes and just willing the book to blink and finally becoming annoyed and slapping it with both his hands — I just couldn’t stop laughing, and when I finally start calming down, I look at him, remember the image and just start laughing again.

I haven’t laughed that hard for ages. And I don’t think he’s going to be talking to me for quiet a while ^^

Laughter is the best medicine. Yep. I feel light and more alive compared to earlier. And I am so going to remember this and embarass him to death when he’s a teenager, and his girlfriend and I will be cracking up at him and he won’t be talking to me for quite a while till he finally admits that yeah, it was funny, and that it was my duty as his older sister to dish out dirty little secrets of his childhood (mom’s in charge of the baby pictures) and expose them to his girlfriends.

Now, excuse me while I laugh some more.

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