Never been so unprepared…

I just had the most unpleasant surprise in my life today.

After a careless morning of finalizing an essay about leukemia and nutrition and a bit of happy fiction reading, I went to school, fully expecting another hour (or rather, one last hour) of lecture and last minute question-and-answer portion, and planning on devoting my entire day and night tomorrow obsessively reviewing for Thursday’s what-I-thought-was-my-last-torturous-exam for the semester.

I entered my Bio class, smiling and unassuming of the disaster that was about to befall me. As I passed through the door, I noticed my professor holding bags of candy bars as she tried to get the attention of the entire lecture hall. My heart momentarily stopped beating when I saw the candy bars (blame my CNA class instructor. She always brought chocolate for the entire class during quiz/exam days. I think she purposely conditioned us to associate chocolates with torture exams because my CNA class was a bit candy-happy during the first weeks of class, and therefore sugar-high and hyperactive and very noisy), but then I recalled that she did promise to bring candy for the class yesterday.

I shrugged and scouted for my usual seat. I began my treck there, used to the daily struggles with trying to carry my humongous bag through the compact spaces of the desks. I was halfway to my destination when my seatmate signed to me and pointed to the classroom wall. She was trying to tell me to just leave my bag there, so I did, my heart dropping to my calcaneus bone as I realized with horrifying clarity why.

A few minutes later, I sat on my desk and looked at the examination scantron sheet at my hands.

Crap. Cra-ha-hap.

Throughout the nerve-killing long hour, I was reduced to wracking my brain for answers, making both educated and wild guesses, blurring the boundery between what-the-heck-is-this-question-referring-to and please-let-it-be-over-please-please, and literally pulling my hair out (in front of the teacher no less) and wanting to bang my head against the nearest wall for being so so so stupid.

I have never been so unprepared for an exam in my life.

And I’m sure I’ve had at least a dozen comma splices througout this post. *winces*

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2 thoughts on “Never been so unprepared…

  1. Douja

    Ahh, that must have been so tough… Finals totally suck! Best of luck!

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