Full Circle


Full Circle

I write, therefore I share.
I woe, therefore I write.
I slack, therefore I woe.
I woe, therefore I slack.

I dream, therefore I try.
I do, therefore I dream.
I work, therefore I do.
I move, therefore I work.

I love, therefore I feel.
I live, therefore I love.
I am, therefore I live.
I write, therefore I am.


Disclaimer: The statement “I think, therefore I am” is from the philosopher Descartes. “I write, therefore I am” is just a variation I chanced upon. Don’t know where it originated.
AN: Hm, I was bored at school, and I was thinking of what to do when the phrase suddenly slammed to me, and then this happened.

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3 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Douja

    This is amzing!

  2. Marla Viray

    This makes a lot of sense… I actually use it as my blog name. =)

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