Random, therefore pointless.

I just discovered that I’ve been spelling “randominity” as “randonimity” for the last… well, since I’ve encountered that word. How embarrassing. Is it even a word?

So. I’m bored. Terribly bored. I’m so bored I’ve even taken up arguing with my muse for being cruel and not letting me write anything. Pathetic, really.

Anyway, the reason that I’ve been spurred on writing a useless post is because of a thought that came to me not more than five minutes ago.

Won’t it be so cool to base an anime from TVXQ? Not exactly an original idea of mine since a lot of fans have commented that the guys would fit right in the anime world, but this is the only time I’ve really really given it a thought.

I can see it now… Five gorgeous young men with different personalities going through high school together… Nah, too cliché. The whole high school teenage drama gets old after a while. If I were to put a twist in it… Let’s see… They would all be going to different schools. Yunho would be the popular sportsman. Yoochun would be the reclusive introvert. Jaejoong the rebellious gangster. Changmin the snob genius. Junsu the jokester who barely gets by school. Aaaand… they have powers? No, supernatural powers are very… clichéd and are reserved on overly cutesy high school anime girls with micro mini skirts, big googly eyes and unnatural body statistics… Erm…

Hm, maybe they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed something they shouldn’t have, and now they’re on the run from some mafia that are out for blood, and some secret agent facility gathered them five together to protect them, and shipped them off to some obscure place (town) and gave them fake identities and cover stories. They were to pretend to live together as… brothers. Yeah. Brothers. From different mothers but the same father. Who all managed to live together peacefully despite the polygamic thingy. And then all died for some reason. Which left the five “brothers” quite a sum of money. And the five decided to move together to a quiet place to grieve. Yeah, that’s a good cover story. Make it totally ridiculous that others have no choice but to believe them.

So… They must pretend to act like brothers and care for each other despite being complete strangers and almost hating each others’ guts because of clashing personalities. They moved to the town a week before they were to attend the local high school. They became the new gossip celebrities in the small town (hm… this is starting to sound a bit too Twilight-y for my liking). So they hate each other (except for Junsu who was a pacifist and kept trying to make all of them get along), so they have a hard time pretending to be “caring brothers” and ended up almost blowing their cover one time when Jaejoong and Yunho got into a viscious fight outside the school grounds. Junsu finally got tired of trying by himself and decided to take a break from the other four. Something happened to him and he couldn’t come home which got the other four reluctantly worried and search for him. Insert an exciting episode here (I can’t think of any) where the four uses teamwork to find and rescue Junsu while also getting the scare of their lives because they thought the mafia had gotten to him and were gonna kill him. Oh, maybe a prank from the secret agency protection would do it.

After that, they kinda realize that they were all in the same situation, and that it was no use antagonizing each other, and they swore to at least try to get along. And so insert various semi-pointless episodes that involves the development of their friendship with each other… Insert some arcs, too… Like a SuJu (heh, why not insert Super Junior, too?) arc where a rival school from the neighboring town challenges them into some kind of contest. Now that we’re on it, why not make them a temporary sports team or something. Like basketball players for example… Or soccer players of the same team… For example, the school basketball players of the high school they were attending have suddenly been food poisoned and therefore cannot play, and the five gets roped into it for some insane reason and they go to the basketball match and kick the other team’s butts.

Hey. I came with all of this on the spot. I guess my muse is feeling generous today.

Reading back on what I’ve written and realizing that I do not have enough inspiration and/or patience to make an elaborate plot for a fic, I therefore give anyone who might have the courage to make a fanfic out of this permission to take this idea out. I only beg you to notify me, or I will track you down and feed you to rabid plot bunnies and SmileyBunny and subject you to the torture of my muse. She can be pretty sadistic when she wants to be.

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