I Love Questionnaires

Don’t you? Who doesn’t? Remember those early teenage years, in grade school when you and your friends use to huddle in a corner to answer a couple or three “autograph notebooks” that go around the class? And then you’re in your last years of high school and you look back and you can’t believe how silly and vain the whole thing was?

Well, I found a questionnaire on one of my old notebooks from the Philippines (and seeing the answers I’ve written 3-4 years ago made me lament on how lame I was at 15.), and thought “Hm, why not?” and started answering.


Date: August 10, 2010.

Full Name: If you know me personally, then you know. If you don’t, then tough. I bask in anonimity. [SmileyBunny: Yeah, right…]

Nickname: ikang, meriken, ika

Birthday: April 27, 1991. Send me a present.

Zodiac Sign: Taurus.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Address: You don’t need to know.

Telephone No.: Not telling.

Cellphone No.: Nope.

Website: meriken.wordpress.com. Look up the url engine.

Email address: Should I…? Oh, alright. medenriquez@yahoo.com

Course: Practical Nursing

Ambition: Be famous.

Hobbies: Writing heart-wrending stories [SmileyBunny: which translate to writing gibberish], singing [SmileyBunny: translation–making my ears bleed], checking blogs about TVXQ [SmileyBunny: stalking TVXQ], fangirling [SmileyBunny: screaming her lungs out], reading fanfiction [SmileyBunny: at 3 o’clock in the morning], writing fanfiction [SmileyBunny: more gibberish], writing music [SmileyBunny: and miserably failing], studying [SmileyBunny: LIES!], and roasting stuffed bunnies who can’t keep their comments to themselves [SmileyBunny: … threat noted and accounted for].

Friends: Many. No, really. Stop staring at me!

Greatest Dream: Didn’t I say that already? Be famous. Okay, be a famous novelist. Happy?

Motto: Haven’t really decided yet. I’ll think about it.


Describe yourself: Hm… Cute? [SmileyBunny: *vomits*] Okay, fine. Not bad-looking. Often undecided. Has an unnatural affection for notebooks. Has eyeglasses most of the time. Badly dressed often. Quiet. Random. Neutral about many issues. Understanding (I think). Tries hard to be funny.

Define Love: Love is… undefinable. It takes on many forms and affects people differently.

Define Friendship: Another form of love. Timeless, abundant, ageless.

Unforgettable place and date: Hm… I can’t think of any.

First kiss: If you’re talking about a real kiss, then… uhm… never.

Your crush/es: Jaejoong. Yunho. Junsu. Yoochun. Changmin. Currently adding to the list is Kenichi Matsuyama. For some reason, I’m mostly attracted to Asian male celebrities. I currently have girl crushes, too. Go Ara and that girl from the movie Subaru.

Happiest Moment: Hasn’t happened yet.

Embarassing Moment: I have many. Most of them happened when I was standing in front of a crowd. I’m trying hard to repress them. The nightmares… *shhudders*

Achievement in life: Nothing note-worthy at the moment… Does entering the Nursing Program count?

Future Plans: Graduate BSN, find a good job, enjoy life as a single, find a good boyfriend, marry said boyfriend, have a couple of children, publish a novel, support my brother through college, and spend the rest of my life doing charity and volunteer work.


Perfume: If I ever get into the habbit of wearing one, I think it would be Victoria’s Secret. Even if it is freakishly expensive.

Clothes: Simple. Comfortable.

Shoes: Anything that does not have high heels.

Mall: Bookstores.

Vehicle: NONE!

Magazine: …none.

Book: Harry Potter Series.

Author: J.K. Rowling. J.R.R. Tolkien (even though I haven’t read any of his works yet, but LOTR is awesome so he by default is one of my favorite authors). Myself. …Stop staring at me!

Teacher: Ugh…

Subject: *rolls eyes*

Color/s: Brown, yellow, green, violet, pastel colors. Yes, based on those you could easily deduce that I have horrid fashi0n sense.

Sport: Soccer. And basketball, I suppose. But I don’t play nor do I watch games.

Celebrity: TVXQ. Do you even have to ask that?

T.V. Channel: I don’t watch much TV. I have internet.

T.V. Programs: intelligent interviews about people I like, and anything with TVXQ on it.

Music: TVXQ. And anything without synthesized voices in them. Except when it’s TVXQ.

Band: TVXQ. How many times to I have to mention that?

Singer: TVXQ!!! Sheesh… And I guess you could add Gary V. in there.

Song: Love in the Ice and Stand By U.

Cartoon Character: I’m too not interested anymore to think of one.

Anime Character: Hm… Kenshin Himura. Only because I now think that Kurama is a bit on the Gary Stu category. And that Naruto is a little bit too dumbed down by the English dub version and I don’t feel like watching the original Japanese dialogue.

Super Hero: Nah…

Computer game: Minesweeper and Solitaire

Board game: Sudoku

Chat room: Me? In a chat room? *falls over laughing*

Text mate: My cellphone doesn’t have minutes most of the time so… yeah.

Hang-out: Anywhere with an internet-connected computer. Or my notebooks.

Movie: A lot. If I have to chose the movie I’d watch over and over again it’d be… none.

ANYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY: Future me, if you’re reading this… why the heck are you reading this? You should be out, having a life and all those stuff. Say hi to our boyfriend or something for me. Ja!

SmileyBunny: You are so lame.

Me: You’re lamer!

SmileyBunny: Don’t you have better comebacks?

Me: … Don’t you have better comebacks?

SmileyBunny: *shakes head* You’re hopeless. *hops away*

Me: *trailing* No, you’re more hopeless-er!

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2 thoughts on “I Love Questionnaires

  1. Marla Viray

    Hi Erika… I was rummaging through some stuffs too, the ones saved from last year’s flood. Too bad my slumbooks and ‘autographs’ didn’t survive. Yups. They drowned. And so when I read about this post of yours, I realized that I do love questionnaires too. And even if college folks say that slumbook is corny, and so it is dead, I refuse to accept. Because of that, I will be answering too. Why not, right? ^_^

    And clap clap clap for Smiley Bunny. =)

    • Hi Marla! Well, at least some of your stuff survived. All of my old notebooks and papers and precious junk were wiped out from the flood according to my grandmother. I fell sick when she told me that. And yes, questionnaires and slumbooks are awesome. College kids just don’t know how to have fun x) And it’ll be interesting to know your answers too! *nudge nudge*

      SmileyBunny: Thank you for recognizing my awesomeness.

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