An Open Letter

Disdained company who fooled us all,

Notice how I didn’t put “dear” in there, because at this moment there is nothing I find “dear” about you. I put “disdain,” becuase I hold you in great disdain. I refuse to hate, because it just brings me wrinkles, and I do acknowledge the effort you invested for our boys. But do know that right now I am very unhappy with you. I don’t know the workers/employees that work for you, who may be good people, so I’m addressing you, whoever you are that thought you could just play with our feelings…

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!? HOW DARE YOU MAKE US THINK YOU WERE ON OUR SIDE!? We trusted you with three of our boys, thinking that at least you knew how to value them, thinking you’ll take care of them, but now you drop them just like that!? After selling thousands of albums and topping charts and earning you a  TON of money, you just drop them off without even any warning or anything? For what? For just a stupid, demanding contract that your artists have every right to refuse?

Why did you have to pretend everything was going along smoothly? You could’ve been honest with us from the start!

You’re as bad as SM. There. I said it, and I ain’t takin’ it back anytime soon.



To the dark-overlord-wannabes who started this mess,

I think you are the greediest, most intolerable company I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. I pity you poor, overworked, underpaid artists. And even though I am thankful for bringing to us five of the most talented artists to ever walk Asia, the fact that you have abused and suffocated them will never lessen the ire of 800,000 and more people all over the world against you. I pity you.

One day, you will fall. Or hopefull be replaced by a CEO/contract makers/whatever-title-that-constitutes-the-upper-positions who are kinder, less dark, less money-mongering, and fair to his/her employees.

That’s all.

PS: You suck.


My beloved three,

Sheesh, you guys just can’t seem to get a break, can you? Freedom comes at a great price. I hope you’re prepared because I just know this is going to be another long and extremely bumpy ride.  You know what, with all that’s going on, I don’t even care about DBSK, anymore. Just find a nice, kind, fair, legal company to settle with, and I’ll be happy. You’re good musicians. Even without all those foreign composer crap, you’ll do well on your own.

Still, I’m annoyed with you. How and why do you get in so much trouble? I feel as if I’m watching my own kid get married three times to horribly wrong girls! From now on, be careful! I can’t concentrate on my tests, and I need to get good grades!

Don’t worry, I got your back.


My beloved two,

Smart kids. At least your lives are relatively peaceful compared to those three, though I feel like you’ve been pushed to the sidelines and forgotten. I can’t help but worry about what’s next in your career. Maybe it’s just me, but you seem to be on a standstill… Don’t worry, whatever you chose, I’ll still be watching and cheering for you in whatever path you chose. But do chose a better, safer, less bumpy path. I’ll grow prematurely old if you end up in trouble, too.

The main companies you are currently affiliated with are complete big jerks. Just saying. Transfer as soon as you can.


My fellow fans,

Which building should we torch first? Everybody get your pitchforks ready!




Meriken: Honestly? That felt good. I picked the wrong time to check for DBSK news when I was studying for a test for the next day, and my mind was a complete mess before I wrote this. After finishing it, I was able to concentrate on memorizing the GI tract and the different assessments that comes with it.

Being immature is fun.

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