Far from where I stand, in dizzying heights
Fear-inducing and yet marvelous sights
Way up here brings delusions of grandeur
Illusions of power, unparalleled might

One step from safety, on step from death
A soft whisper to my ear, I take a deep breath
Right here at the border, adrenalin rushes
Wild thoughts of nausea and upcoming crashes

A split second decision and I’m flying without wings
Uncaring of consequences and what it brings
This is freedom at its best, a freedom yet unsung
Nothing can stop me, here no regrets clung

There is no going back, just a one-way course
Feel the powerful pull of an invisible force
Irrefutable reality though unseen by eyes
Bid adieu to restrictions and falseness and lies

Throw all caution to the air, it’s where they belong
Enjoy the ride for all it’s worth as the wind whistle along
A moment of insanity, a moment I can’t cheat
Greet the enthusiastic earth as we rush to meet.


AN: Man, I haven’t written a poem in a long time… I think my rhyming and rhythm is out of whack.

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