When my fandom of obsession is unerringly thrown to chaos and handling everything about it any longer might cause spontaneous Meriken combustion, where do I turn to? Of course, good ol’ anime. Oh, yes, overused plots, cliches-that-really-should-die-soon, ridiculous exagerations and disproportionate bodily statistics galore! What more could you ask for?


So I really thought I’m over my obsession for anime years ago… Which, I am, I guess. However, it has become one of those things that I keep coming back to for stress/boredom relief even though I often snort and find myself cringing at the plot ridiculousness (how many animes have I seen that has the protagonist stumbling to protect the world over something so trivial?), many exageration,  and disproportionate body statistics (can you imagine having those unnaturally BIG eyes in the real world? I mean… they’re cute and all, but…). Of course, those things are what makes animes… anime. And I admit I do enjoy them very much.

The most recent anime I’ve watched and loved and am currently writing about is YuGiOh. Or is it Yugi Oh? Yu-Gi-Oh? Whatever. I’m talking about the Duel Monsters series, with Yugi Mutuo as the main protagonist. I’ve recently finished the series and I enjoyed it very much, even though I still have no idea how the game works (I know, how lame am I?). I’m thinking of buying a deck and learning how to play it, though I doubt I’d get any good seeing as I have nobody to play against with… I don’t think I could get my brothers to be insterested in it.

I digress (ha, I still can’t get over how that word sounds so fancy to me), back to the series… I watched the series in English Dub till I got to the Orichalcus (did I spell that right? Bah, whatever) arc, which is season 4, unti I read a comment in episode 158 saying that Yami Yugi’s (or just plain Yami’s) scream of agony in the original Japanese voice over was much more… err… agonized than the English dub. Of course, being a sucker for heart-wrenching scenes, I immediately searched for the subbed episode… To my dismay the subtitles weren’t that accurate. I finished the season in sub (because in the dubbed version I always feel like I’m missing something), all the while cringing and becoming frustrated at translations that sometimes don’t make sense, and then stopped watching.

That was early last year.

This year, because of overwhelming boredom, I decided to brave the sub and got to watching season 5 and 6. The experience wasn’t as frustrating as it was last year, thankfully, and I got to learn some new Japanese words (yay!). I was especially interested in six priests and I felt unusually sad when they died… Oh, and seeing chibi-Yami no Yugi was a real treat. I thought the duel at the last episode was freaking awesome. Nicely ended, though I can’t help but want more.

I can’t bring myself to watch the Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds because… well… space aliens and motorbike duels doesn’t have the same appeal as ancient egyptian monsters to me. My youngest brother watches them. He has yet to convince me to watch too.

I find myself watching to watch the movie fusion, though. It’s basically about how the protagonist of 5Ds, Yusei, travels back in time and meets the protagonist of GX, Jaden, and together they travel back further in time and meet Yugi who is considered THE legendary duelist of all time… or something like that. Together they duel together to protect the world (of course… *rolls eyes*) from this villain that I don’t know the name of. They just showed it in theaters like two or three weeks ago, and I can’t believe I missed it!

*cue dramatic scream of disbelief*

Yeah. Hopefully they’ll release the DVD sub version, soon.

Why am I blogging about this? Because I can. And because now I need another stress/boredom reliever. Gah, I want that movie fusion NOW!

SmileyBunny: *rolls eyes* Ugh, seriously, why do you even blog when you don’t even have anything intelligent to say?

Meriken: Shut it or I’ll sic Kuriboh on you.

SmileyBunny: Kuriboh? Hah, the worse it can do is give me hair ball!

Meriken: Oh, it can do worse. Kuriboh, attack the grumpy bunny!

Kuriboh: Kureeeeee! *appears out of nowhere and glomps the grumpy bunny*

SmileyBunny: Oof! Gah, hugs! I’m allergic to hugs! You’ll pay for this, you lousy..! Gah, get off me you stupid fluff!

Meriken: Hm… maybe I should get Kuribo to be your permanent roomate or something…

SmileyBunny: Don’t you dare!

Meriken: Aw, come on! Look at how cute it is!

SmielyBunny: No!

Kuriboh: Kureeeee!

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