Reactions to Koizora

I’ve been hearing for a few years now about Koizora, and I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about it. Finally, I decided to sit down and watch it, wishing I was watching with a friend, so we could bawl our eyes out together.

…It couldn’t be more different from what I expected.

These are my reactions:

First 10 minutes: I’m sighing at how they met, sweet and fresh, predicting how poignant this would be at the end.

And then 15 minutes later, I’m cringing, thinking “Er… Are they old enough to do that…?”

And then after that, I’m biting my nails, chanting “ohmygoodnesstheywouldn’tohmygoodness…”

And then I’m rolling my eyes, because of the lines “This is the power of my love.

And then (you get the drift) “Sweet guy with a dark side. A reaaaallllyyy dark side. I was NOT expecting that.”

“What the eff? …Am I still watching the same movie? *glances at the title*”

“…Okay. He clearly has issues.”

“What the heck? He ran? Just like that? (30 seconds later) Bwahahaha!”

“Ooooh, new hair! That’s gotta be a huge sacrifice.”

“Oh, no…Not the baby…*teary-eyed*” (For me, this was the saddest part).

“What? Back to platinum blonde? Dang it.”

“Gah! What the heck is he doing!?”

“…I should stop writing down my reactions.”

3 minutes later…

“Acting like an arrogant jerk just to give the girl a reason to break up… so over-played.”

“Hahaha… She looks bored, and I can’t blame her.”

“Sea, huh? Okay. I’m a sucker for sweet, gentle second leads. Hiro scares me.”

“Girl, don’t push sweet, gentle second lead away…”

“Sweet, gentle second lead, don’t let her get away! (sweet, gentle second lead lets her go away) Dang it. This is why nice guys finish last.”

“Here comes the waterworks…”

“‘Feeling her lips on my cheek. A gentle kiss not like the passionate ones we once shared. Is this a dream? I never thought I’d feel such luxury again. It’s like being stuck in a desert for years, and she was a glass of water that I’ve been searching for. Being parched for so long, this was a burning relief.’ …Okay, I can’t believe I just wrote something that cheesy, but my fanfic senses are tingling.”

[Hiro breaks down] Finally he sheds off the tough persona… Stop with the false reassurances, Mika. You’re not helping.”

“Sigh. They didn’t make him look sick enough…”

[Movie ends] “…”


I’ve been expecting the end, so I wasn’t able to cry. I feel like it’s a bit lacking, but considering it’s a movie, I guess it’s understandable since there’s only a limited time to tell the story.

This… was not what I was expecting. I was expecting something fluffy and tear-jerking and heartfelt, as what high school movies/dramas usually are. But this… is kind of… twisted? The very first parts were light and sweet enough to grab my attention, but then it suddenly dives into this… er… dark-ish loop… And then on with the story again. It’s like this: it was going well, and then it made a complete 180-degree change… and then another 180-degree change. Everything was kind of… surreal.

I’m not totally inlove with Hiro’s character. He was inconsistent. Maybe if they did away with the over-done, violent part of his character, I’d be sold. I know it proves his “bad boy” persona, but you can make someone a bad boy without being so overly violent. That’s why I liked the Yuu guy better, because there seems to be a semblance of a healthy relationship between him and Mika.

In my opinion, the violence wasn’t necessary. Heck, a lot of elements of this movie aren’t necessary. Cut out the violence, the evil ex-girlfriend, the very unecessary gang-rape… You’d get a more believable, more relatable, probably better plot.

In conclusion, I was a little disappointed. I heard it was really good, and considering it was Miura Haruma who is a well-known actor in Jdorama… This was a let-down.

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