They say that there are two kinds of special bonds in this world— two kinds of strings that tie people together.

One of them is the red thread, the bond that signifies romantic love: True love, fated chance of two people destined to be together. It roots from the very core of a person’s heart. It is like an addicting drug, like fire igniting a passionate connection that can only be defined with hearts being bonded together. Most common but hardly ever unbroken, it is a bond that could either mean a person’s happiness or destruction. It is a fragile string that will either stand out the test of time, or simply be cut.

The second one is the silver thread, the bond that symbolizes a different kind of love. It signifies friendship: true friendship that forms from the very roots of the soul. It connects two strangers together by the essence of their person. It is like water— calm, enriching, warm and easily molded, adjusted and shaped. Most rare but hardly ever broken, it is a bond that becomes the definition of a person. It is a piece of string that is the hardest to find— but once tied, it remains timeless ly strong.

The red and silver threads are the strongest bonds a person could ever form in a lifetime…

But if you are forced to cut one to keep the other… which would you choose?

… Man, who writes prologues like this in a story that’s titled “Choices?” It’s cheesy, it’s corny, it’s against everything that I believe a good introduction should be, it has freaking similes! Similes!

I know I should just hack it away from my draft, but I can’t bring myself to. I love it, but I hate it. I love that I wrote it, but I hate that I wouldn’t even give it a second glance if I was the reader, not the writer.

I’ve been writing “Choices” since 2008, and I still haven’t managed to get it past the editing process. Four years of labor, and I still haven’t finished it, which is pathetic because it’s just a fanfic and it shouldn’t take this long, but it’s my baby and I’ve been developing it endlessly from a four-page drabble into an almost one hundred-page draft.

And now I’m having thoughts about changing the POV from first person to second person, except that I’ve written the entire thing in first person and though I hated it for a while, I relentlessly edited it until it worked. And it was fine like that. But then, recently, I rewrote a section, one measley section and changed it to second person, which turned out ten times better than it was. And the thought of rewiring everything is exhausting, and the first person POV is how I wrote it. I don’t know what to do.

Who said writing was easy? It’s like pulling a tooth. Without anesthesia. And with a plier.

I need advise. And a beta. Where can I find those?

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