NaNoWriMo Update #3: Week 2 and 3

I told myself I was going to get past 30K words tonight, or die trying.

31,100 words later, I still don’t feel as accomplished as I did when I was over my word count.

I hit a slump in the tail end of week 2 because of real life stuff, a slump which continued for several days until it put me 8,600 words behind. I’m still trying to catch up, and so far I’ve managed to narrow it down to 3,810. It’s slow going, but I’m getting there.

My plot has stalled several times, particularly at chapter 5. The writing just wouldn’t flow once I hit the part that I was so excited to write about: the introduction of my princess. It was very disappointing to me, personally. I was having trouble with introducing my most developed character. I had to skip the entire thing and move on, resolving on fixing that particular block later, only to run into more blocks. It’s a little frustrating.

But I did manage to come up with a good introduction for my merchant character, and it was entertaining enough to make my brother laugh. I’d call that a success.

My aristocrat character turned out to be easy to write for, which is ironic because he was the least developed out of all my main protagonists.

I have officially included magic in this novel, ripping off from the unfinished DBSK elementalist fanfiction that I tried to write several years ago, and trying very very hard not to rip off of ATLA. In the process of attempting to build a magic system, I’ve also managed to include another idea that was meant for a different novel, a story which I tentatively called The Immortal’s Lover (which by the way is NOT a vampire story). One of my two main characters there is going to be the main villain on this particular story I’m writing now, although his reveal will take several books to cover, books that I will hopefully manage to write in the future.

It’s interesting, though, because the idea of the Immortal’s Lover came about after seeing a Viktuuri AU fanart. Take what you will from that.

In an ironic twist of writing fate, I ended up going back to the previously scrapped concept of White Stones again as a plot point (are you happy now, sixteen-year-old me?), making my genre a full on fantasy adventure quest. The White Stones have a history to them and a purpose to the story, now. And I have a hunch that it’s going to be a source of political tension in the story.

I am surprised to say that despite running into blocks, my interest in this novel has not waned. I may want to chuck myself into the nearest trash bin for having such a sucky draft, and I may be three thousand words behind the word count goal, but I am still determined to finish this story and crush nanowrimo.

Here’s to hoping I get there.

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