Meriken and SmileyBunny Pink

SmileyBunny Pink: (looking really annoyed but nevertheless starts reading the set of questions from the piece of paper that Meriken gave him earlier) Who is Meriken? What is so special about her?

Meriken: That’s me! I’m the owner and currently sole writer of this blog. You can also call me ikang, which is the nickname a prefer. I’m really nothing special– just an average twenty-something girl who has too many hobbies and likes to write and read whatever catches my interest.

SmileyBunny Pink: (rolls eyes) What is this blog all about?

Meriken: It’s generally about things that happen to inspire me enough to write about. Basically anything under the sun. And the moon… And the stars…

SmileyBunny Pink: (sighs) Why do you make such lame jokes?

Meriken: Well, why not? Come on, can’t I TRY to be funny? And stick with the questions I gave you, Mr. Pink!

SmileyBunny Pink: (glares at Meriken) Why “Bahay Kubo?”

Meriken: You’ve got to read my very first post >here< .

SmileyBunny Pink: Why should your blog be read?

Meriken: Because… uhm… I’ll cry if you don’t! Oh, wait, no– I’ll pour maple syrup on you and cover you with chicken feathers! No, wait! I’ll–


SmileyBunny Pink: Why do you insist on sputtering idiotic nonsense all the time?

Meriken: Idiotic? What do you mean idiotic? I’ll have you know, I’m more than that! I’m just only a shy away from being a blockhead, thank you very much!

SmileyBunny Pink: And how’s that an improvement?

Meriken: That’s for me to understand and for you to ever wonder. You know, things would be a lot easier for both of us if you just read the list.

SmileyBunny Pink: Fine. Why do you insist on blogging… even though we all know your writing stinks?

Meriken: Because… Because I want to and there’s nothing you can do about it! Nyah! And I’m pretty sure I didn’t put that question on the list.

SmileyBunny Pink: (rolls eyes and tosses paper away) I already read all the questions you gave me. Can I go back to my wrapper now so I won’t have to tolerate your annoying senselessness anymore?

Meriken: Annoying senselessness…? (glares at SmileyBunny, and then smiles sweetly) What? You’re going already? Ah, such a shame! Well then, thank you for helping me Mr. cute and adorable SmileyBunny Pink.

SmileyBunny Pink: (flares up after hearing the words cute, adorable, smiley and pink in one sentence) For the last time, stop calling me that! (Points at frowning face) Do I look like a smiling bunny to you!? And why pink!? I hate pink! I’m a guy, for goodness’ sake!

Meriken: (smiles so saccharinely sweet that it’s sickening) You’re not a guy. You’re my stuffed bunny rabbit and you have cute pink ears. The name suits you perfectly!

SmileyBunny Pink: A GUY rabbit! G-U-Y! Guy rabbit who have unfortunately been saddled with pink ears! Why don’t you give me a GUY’s name instead of this… atrocity!? Just hearing my own name makes me want to vomit!

Meriken: (shrugs) Meh, too late. Already gave you one, and I like it the way it is.

SmileyBunny Pink: Then at least take the PINK out of my name and change it to something else! Like BLUE! Or BLACK!

Meriken: Don’t be silly. Change your name and lose the privilege of blackmailing you to no end? I don’t think so! (smiles innocently)

SmileyBunny Pink: (growls) … You are an evil, evil girl at heart!

Meriken: Gosh, thanks! Now get back inside your wrapper. I wouldn’t want your cute pink ears to get dirty now, would I? Come now– hop! Hop!

SmileyBunny Pink: … I hate you.

Meriken: I love you, too!


Random note: Playing with colors is fun!

[ETA 11-9-14: I am sorry for anyone who got exposed to this embarrassment of a page. I would delete it, but I figure I should have some reminder of how atrocious I was, and probably still am, as a blogger.]


2 thoughts on “Meriken and SmileyBunny Pink

  1. Hi.. i am thinking of blogging folk songs with guitar chords.. do you other like “Leron-leron Sinta” ? Students really having a hard time on researching native folk songs on the internet where can be more accessible to more “New Filipinos”. Hence, keeping Filipino culture alive.

    • That sounds like a really good idea. “Bahay Kubo” is the only folk song that I know the chords of. Good luck in your blogging!

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