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Heart Murmur

Heart Murmur

Thud-thud. Thud-thud.
You hear that proof?
The thrum of blood,
The living truth
Pushed through my veins
And though it’s weak
The fact remains
My heart still beats
Don’t grieve me yet
Hear the bells toll
Someday, somehow
The grave will call
Inside your arms
I’ll fade away
But not tonight
Tonight, I stay
Through spikes and falls
And tight’ning bands
Pins and needles
On both my hands
And through the un-
     relenting stitch
Falt’ring rhythm
And silent hitch
Thud-thud. Thud-thud.
Forever same
My beating heart
Murmurs your name.

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Not Yet (self-composed)

This is a song I wrote back in 2010. I finally had the courage to re-record it again after the first video I recorded was stolen along with my first laptop (sob. I still haven’t gotten over that). The lyrics might sound familiar, because they are, and I’ve written the same exact words before in a post here somewhere, which I then decided to turn into a poem. I wasn’t satisfied with it, so I turned it into a song. It was a hard, rough journey filled with frustration and much hair-pulling to get into this (probably lacking) final product.

Not Yet

With one last smile and one last laugh
ou’re leaving without going back
it’s hard to let go when it’s clear
it still remains that thing I fear

you said we’ll always be together
flying high to stars and skies
I’d rather us two fall together
hold my hand, baby, hold my hand

Not yet, not now, I plead and pray
so many words there is to say
and songs to sing, don’t go away
Not yet, not now, if only I
could turn the world around for you
I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you

It’s hard to tell myself it’s alright,
that our days are over
I won’t forget, I’m holding on
look back, look back, don’t go

Not yet, not now, I plead and pray
so words there is to say
and songs to sing, don’t go away
Not yet, not now, if only I
could turn the world around for you
I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you

You promised me forever
What is it but just a word
This essence so deeply imbued
It’s opposite cuts like a sword

Not yet, not now, if only I
could turn the world around for you
I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you

Not yet, not now, I plead and pray
so words there is to say
and songs to sing, don’t go away
Not yet, not now, if only I
could turn the world around for you
I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you
I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you.


Have mistakes, wrong chords and all. That was my third take, and my throat was getting sore, so I just uploaded the best take there was.

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Far from where I stand, in dizzying heights
Fear-inducing and yet marvelous sights
Way up here brings delusions of grandeur
Illusions of power, unparalleled might

One step from safety, on step from death
A soft whisper to my ear, I take a deep breath
Right here at the border, adrenalin rushes
Wild thoughts of nausea and upcoming crashes

A split second decision and I’m flying without wings
Uncaring of consequences and what it brings
This is freedom at its best, a freedom yet unsung
Nothing can stop me, here no regrets clung

There is no going back, just a one-way course
Feel the powerful pull of an invisible force
Irrefutable reality though unseen by eyes
Bid adieu to restrictions and falseness and lies

Throw all caution to the air, it’s where they belong
Enjoy the ride for all it’s worth as the wind whistle along
A moment of insanity, a moment I can’t cheat
Greet the enthusiastic earth as we rush to meet.


AN: Man, I haven’t written a poem in a long time… I think my rhyming and rhythm is out of whack.

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Full Circle


Full Circle

I write, therefore I share.
I woe, therefore I write.
I slack, therefore I woe.
I woe, therefore I slack.

I dream, therefore I try.
I do, therefore I dream.
I work, therefore I do.
I move, therefore I work.

I love, therefore I feel.
I live, therefore I love.
I am, therefore I live.
I write, therefore I am.


Disclaimer: The statement “I think, therefore I am” is from the philosopher Descartes. “I write, therefore I am” is just a variation I chanced upon. Don’t know where it originated.
AN: Hm, I was bored at school, and I was thinking of what to do when the phrase suddenly slammed to me, and then this happened.

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From whence do come this loyalty
to person less than royalty?
How does one make me follow and
hold on to mere words so tightly?

How does one charm completely so
my heart never wants to let go?
Encaptured senses helplessly
melting to ev’ry high and low.

Continuous fall, from high a drop.
I’m falling deep, it can’t be stopped.
Escape is but a distant dream,
my unforseen descent abrupt.


AN: My first poem in a long time. Wrote it out of boredom while waiting for a ride from school. Halfway through the second stanza, I was asking myself “… the heck am I writing?” Not that I’m complaining… Just a bit “huh?” is all <–where did I pick that phrase up? Dang fanfictions rubbing off me…

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Red Ocean

Disclaimer: The term “Red Ocean” referring to the fanclub Cassiopeia was not coined by me.

AN: Red Ocean to DBSK’s eyes from my point of view…


Red Ocean

The rush of cheers that sweeps away my soul
   brings tears into my eyes. I howl
   and wail and sing my heart, and prowl
   with every beat of heart. I fly
   and fall, reach up and fail and yet
   these people cheer and smile and wail.
I laugh, they laugh. I cry, they cry.
I sing, they sing to bars avail.

I stand to be what I have dreamed,
Worked hard to what these people deem.
Some others doubt but in the end
To the immensive sea they bend.
The others left don’t give away
   a thing, but sneers and snide and hate.
It’s hard to know their reason why;
They’re hard enough to satiate.

I give my all, I do my best,
And though I sometimes fail the test,
Standing still, immensive sea,
Like warriors set to drive away
   the enemy who cries with glee;
A moment of mistake he pries;
The vultures pick on every wound
Until I break and fall and cry.

Immensive sea, still they stand,
Beside–my side– like countless sand.
Immensive sea, like burning fire,
Good luck to those who rouse her ire.
Scathing looks at me will meet
A tide of vengeance not so sweet.
Good tidings bring good tiding, though.
Praise-worthy through her eyes shall meet.

A lover, child, a fiend, a friend;
So much describes the ocean red.
Though often full of good intent,
Her enemies have often bled.
A lover sweet and kind and good,
A jealous girlfriend when she broods.
A child who looks and laugh at me.
Attention-seeking brat she’d be.
Companions through my night and day,
A friend who keeps my ghosts at bay.
A mother guiding through a storm,
Protecting me from every scorn.

And when I stand before the sea,
It overwhelms, I feel the love
   and pure affections like a storm
   of pure emotions clashing hard.
Exhilirating freedom felt
Through practiced actions ever dealt.
A sweet, sweet irony, it seems;
A prison bursting in its seams.
Confusing jumbled words just flow
Like endless streams of crystal clear.
A mumbled “Thank you” through my tears,
A heartfelt passion met with cheers.

The pearl red sea, so often seen
   a threat, sinister force to deem
Now see, won’t they be proven wrong?
Admire at how they form a team.
In times of great despair, they stay
Protecting me all night and day.
The lies spewed by vultures had
   befallen angry hearts and flayed.
And now together they stand
Against the threats the foe has laid.
A family supporting each
And everyone through every shade.

The once young pearl red sea has grown
   into an ocean larger and
   their once unsure and swaying
   love cemented firm remain unbarged.
I treasure you deep in my heart.
Come hear me give more than my part.
Cassiopeia, your loud cheers ring.
Now sit a while and hear me sing.


AN: …That was tiring… Yeah, DBSK inspires the creativity juices to keep flowing. *face palm* I am so lame.

Copyright October 21, 2009 by Meriken (Bahay Kubo). Please do not take out or distribute without author’s persmission.

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Uncertain Times

I haven’t posted for a long while now, but in these uncertain times, I feel the need to express my mind or I’ll explode. Everything’s a blurr, and it’s hard to set apart the truth from the mountains of lies. I’m scared, but at the  same time, I think I have nothing to be afraid of. One thing is for sure, I trust DBSK, and I trust that everything will be for the best in the end.


Uncertain Times

In these times of uncertainty
   when we are all afraid
To face the possibility
   that your name soon will fade,
We find it hard to cast away
   the fears the plague our hearts.
What more when we are seas away,
   the thousand miles that parts.

We fear that soon you’ll never be
   five brothers on the stage
Who gives their all and makes us dream
   and love and sing and rage.
It’s hard to think you’ll be no more
   someday. It breaks my heart.
And now in these uncertain times,
    I fear you’ll fall apart.

But if there’s one thing I’m as sure
   as the stars up above
Is that I know you’ve never lied
   about your bond and love.
A hundred times, a thousand times
   you’ve showed and told and proved
Whatever obstacles you’ve faced,
   TOGETHER you have moved.

And that’s enough to calm my heart
   through this uncertain time…
That five is one and one is five:
  one more, one less– a crime.
Your brotherhood I do not doubt,
   your words and hearts are one.
Your name may fade but your bond
   is sure like the rising sun.

Tonight, we’ll sleep with hopes held high.
   together we’ll stand…
A legion of united fans behind the greatest band
   we’ve ever known…
Just look behind and there we’ll be, a pearl red sea.
In these uncertain times, be it our ultimate decree.



As what Yoochun said, and as what Cassiopeia/BigEast/International fans have been saying…

Always keep the faith!

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Secret Christmas Message

Find the not-so-secret message hidden within the poem =)


May this season never end
Enticing memories of this occasion
Rhyming words this letter send
Ring the bells of joyful Christmas
Yonder gates of singing men

Come and sing a merry song
He, today, has been born
Rest your minds ‘bout evil thoughts
In His arms is where you belong
Safe are you from rising pain
Til peace of your mind be gained
Much awaited season is here
A time to give love to those who’re dear, and
Sick, and people living in fear

Tis the season to be joyful
Oh, come all, let’s celebrate

Young and old alike, let’s sing
Our God has opened Heaven’s Gate
Unto and through his blessed Son

God is Great!


And I say that to each and everyone who is reading!

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A Poem for Dong Bang Shin Ki

Changmin crying and being hugged by the hyungs and Yunho hugging just about everyone else

Loud chanting of Cassiopeia “Changmin, don’t cry!” and “Dong Bang Shin Ki!” near the end

So much emotions coursed through my veins after seeing this which was aired just yesterday, I think. Seeing their tears, both visible and hidden ones, inspired me to write this poem.


To Dong Bang Shin Ki…

I see your tears and melt away…
Worries aside, we’re here to stay.
Be gone, your doubts, and hear us chant
     your name. Our hearts nobody shan’t
          take hold because to you we cast
               our loyalty, our love, our hearts.
We’re here for you, we always will
     support you through your darkest ’til
          you reach the stars above the sky,
          We promise we will help you fly.
So wipe away your tears and smile
and hear us sing our song to you:
“The Rising Five will never die
because our love will never, too!”
So, rest assured, just do your best,
and trust us all to do the rest.
Our Micky, U-Know, Xiah, Max
     and Hero, fans never forget!


Truly a passionate group filled with emotions that move their every fan. The bond between DBSK and Cassiopeia is one of the sweetest artist-fan relationship I’ve ever seen. They are really like two lovers.

This is why I love this group.


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For Real

Sigh… Depressing week, eh? T_T


This Time for Real

This time, I’ll try to say goodbye
To all the days I’ve spent with you.
I know when it pass I won’t cry
‘cause I have set my love to die.
And just in case my heart forgets,
Though I would doubt it ever will,
Just keep in mind, there was a time
That there was once a love to kill.
I can’t keep on, it’s hard to breath.
I’m sorry love, I have to leave.
I must forget, I must move on
And teach myself to walk alone.
I close my eyes and walk away.
I’m sorry love, but I can’t stay.


Sigh… Oh, the pain of unrequited love and weak self-control! The consequences as not so pleasant. I feel like drowning myself with orange juice (’cause I’m still underage and alcohol is off limits)!

I wonder what would happen if I truly suffer a break-up from a relationship?

SmileyBunny: *snorts* You’re such a drama queen.

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