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What I’m up to these days…

Got done with nursing school weeks ago, and am currently prepping up for boards. Just thinking of it sends my stomach twisting to knots, so I turn to a lot of things to amuse myself.

One of these things are watching Asian dramas (is that the right plural term?). In no particular order:

Protect the Boss — I started watching this purely to bask in Jaejoong’s gorgeousness, and I was determined to see this through for his sake. But seeing how gut-busting hilarious it turned out to be (episode 4 was the best), with the compelling plot, dynamic chemistry between the cast, superb directing, and great acting, this is turning out to be a wonderful watch.

I love the cast. I love the OTP. I love Jaejoong. I even love Jisung’s hair. Am I the only one who does?

I love this poster just because of the lulz! factor.

Yeah. Isn’t he just gorgeous? *melts into a puddle of goo* (ahem. Yeah, I have issues)

Nobuta wo Produce — This is seriously my second most favorite drama of all time, next to Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which I really need to blog about). I will forever remember the day when I randomly clicked on this drama while searching for something to watch, and then totally falling in love with the group of misfits who defines friendship and making friends in its purest form. Yes, I love it so much that it makes me slightly poetic. Nobuta, Shuji and Akira (especially Akira, that adorable weirdo) will live in my heart forever. That ending is just perfect that I bawled my eyes out. This is my kind of drama. This is one drama that I’m never going to forget.

Quirky, loveable characters and solid plotline, but that’s not all. Cliched high school background, but differently executed and utilized. It’s one about friendship, capturing youth, forgetting about ephemeral things like popularity and building solid relationships around you, changing who you are, growing up into maturity, leaving childhood. Lies and sincerity. Shedding short-lived images. All that is good and bad in high school.

Here, a random fanvid to entice you into watching.

Watch. This. Series. Now. Kon-kon.

Ouran High School Host Club (live action) — I was a bit iffy about watching this because of Ouran’s pseudo-fantasy genre (what with all the impossibly pretty boys present here), but I was so pleasantly surprised. Yamamoto Yusuke (the actor playing Tamaki) doesn’t look like Tamaki at all, but he NAILED Tamaki’s character so well that you get absorbed into his world as you do in the anime. Kawaguhi Haruna makes a very believable Haruhi. I could continue on prattling about the cast and how well they do their designated characters, but that would be wasting my breath because you just have to watch to see for yourself. Of course, I recommend that you watch the anime-version first, but the live action is good enough, I think.

100 Days to Heaven — I firmly believe that this drama should be packed into a delightful package and shipped to everywhere else in Asia. This is an example of a premier Filipino drama that showcases Filipino culture, beliefs and values into a solid, engaging plot, and performed excellently by both veteran actors/actress and child actor/actresses. It’s about a ruthless, successful businesswoman, Anna Manalastas, who dies at the beginning of the series. She was given the chance to correct her mistakes and receive the forgiveness of those she had wronged on earth in order to be able to enter heaven. But in one condition: that she do everything as a child, and that she do it within exactly one hundred days. Coney Reyes and little Xyriel Manabat perform Anna Manalastas with unbelievable life and attitude. This little gem of a drama should be treasured.

Yeah. Four drama series. Hopefully, this list doesn’t grow even longer, or I’ll have to forsake sleeping in favor of watching.

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Never been so unprepared…

I just had the most unpleasant surprise in my life today.

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Beware of Good Fan Fictions…

They’re addicting, I tell you. Dangerously addicting.

And now, I’m in trouble.

Last night, as I was browsing through Winglin (my most visited fan fiction site), I caught sight of a fanfiction entitled “The Unkindest Cut of All.” I’ve been seeing it for a few months now, but never really bothered to pay attention to it. Now, since it was 8:35 pm, I don’t do my school work till around 10, and I was bored at that moment, I clicked to it.

Dang, had I been hooked.

It was a fiction story about DBSK’s (who else would I be reading about?) Jaejoong and a fictional character. It really caught my attention that I just kept reading, and reading, and reading some more. 10:30 passed, then 12:00. Every chapter I clicked I promised it was the last one. But I still kept reading, and reading…

And reading some more. I kept reading throughout the night. I kept reading till morning.

I only stopped when I saw the clock. And it said 5:00 am.

Boy, does time fly?

I’ve only slept two hours today, and I’m really sleepy right now. But I can’t sleep yet, because I haven’t yet finished the four essays due tomorrow at my English class, I haven’t yet reviewed for my SFC quiz tomorrow, AND I haven’t even read the discussion board for my SFC class tomorrow.

I am so in trouble. So in SOOOO much trouble.


This is going to be a looooong night…

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So How’s School?

Today is Saturday.

And I’m at school.

That’s right. I’m currently in school as I’m typing this. How did I get here? It’s simple really.

I got here by car.

xP. Just kidding.


But seriously, why in the world am I here at school on a Saturday, when we all know that school and Saturday just don’t mix?

To answer that question, I have a Saturday class, which is Biology, which just ended about 30 minutes ago,  which made me want to cry because I had no idea what the instructor is talking about, which made me want to bang my head against the wall for not studying Biology harder when I was in high school.

So, how am I typing this?

I’m using the laptop that my mom brought from California (yes, mom’s home!) and I pleaded her that I bring it with me today, on which she agreed to considering that I had to wait for hours before they come and fetch me. And as I’m typing this, I’m getting really creeped out because I’m the only one here, alone and really cold inside this large large institution, with nobody else around because they’ve gone home.

Putting that aside, let’s get back to the topic. How’s school going for me? When I came in last Monday at first I was thinking my first day to be a total disaster, which it didn’t turn out to be. Tuesday, online class turned out to be not bad. Wednesday, I was actually eager to go to school. Thursday, blended and online class do not go well together. Friday I was starting to think that it was starting to be difficult. And today, Saturday, my daily planner is full and I feel like banging my head on the wall.

All in all, it’s not bad. Because the head-banging was kind of expected considering that I got full load.

And now my goal is to try to survive the whole semester without going insane, both with all the studying I’m going to be making and also the long lonely time I am going to be waiting for my parents to come pick me up.

The end.

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