Meriken: So… I’ve opened up a livejournal. I call it Freefall.

SmileyBunny: (appears out of nowhere) TRAITOR! You’ve already got a blog and then you go start a journal!?

Meriken: (shoves the stuff bunny out of the way) Nice site, really. I think it’s the perfect place for publishing and keeping track of all my fanfictions. It’s easier to categorize and organize my stories, not to mention more chances of getting readers.

SmileyBunny: (muffled) You? Organized!? I’ve seen the insides of your u-drive, missy, and it’s a nightmare!

Meriken: Oh, shut it, Mr. Pink…


2 thoughts on “Freefall

  1. my project in epp i can cannot

    …..ang hirap naman…..

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