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Beware of Good Fan Fictions…

They’re addicting, I tell you. Dangerously addicting.

And now, I’m in trouble.

Last night, as I was browsing through Winglin (my most visited fan fiction site), I caught sight of a fanfiction entitled “The Unkindest Cut of All.” I’ve been seeing it for a few months now, but never really bothered to pay attention to it. Now, since it was 8:35 pm, I don’t do my school work till around 10, and I was bored at that moment, I clicked to it.

Dang, had I been hooked.

It was a fiction story about DBSK’s (who else would I be reading about?) Jaejoong and a fictional character. It really caught my attention that I just kept reading, and reading, and reading some more. 10:30 passed, then 12:00. Every chapter I clicked I promised it was the last one. But I still kept reading, and reading…

And reading some more. I kept reading throughout the night. I kept reading till morning.

I only stopped when I saw the clock. And it said 5:00 am.

Boy, does time fly?

I’ve only slept two hours today, and I’m really sleepy right now. But I can’t sleep yet, because I haven’t yet finished the four essays due tomorrow at my English class, I haven’t yet reviewed for my SFC quiz tomorrow, AND I haven’t even read the discussion board for my SFC class tomorrow.

I am so in trouble. So in SOOOO much trouble.


This is going to be a looooong night…

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Kung Fu Panda is Awesomeness! And I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I’m BAAAAAACCKKK!!!

*cue complete total silence and crickets chirping*

*Meriken sweatdrops* Anybody? Hello? No clapping? Warm welcome? Balloons or crept papers? Anything?

SmileyBunny Pink: What did you expect? Nobody reads your blog, dimwit.

Watch your mouth, Mr. Pink. Okay, someday, sooner or later (SmileyBunny: Or never.) somebody will read this, so here I go!

My dad, brothers and I just got back from the theater about three hours ago from watching Kung Fu Panda, and as the title says, it was really awesome! The movie was hilarious, and totally worth the 25 dollars (not mine, my dad’s) spent with the tickets and snacks (three adults, one child, 3 medium-sized sodas and one box of Snow Caps chocolate. Yummy… not).

The story was about how Po, the biggest fattest and clumsiest panda Kung Fu fan around, was appointed by the great master… Turtle (whoopsies, I forgot his name) to become the legendary Dragon Warrior. Tai Long (did I spell that right?), an evil Kung Fu genius, had escaped from prison and was threatening to come back to take his “rightful place” as the true Dragon Warrior, receive the Legendary Dragon Scroll and achieve strength beyond anything imaginable. Master… err… Racoon (again, I forgot his name) had to train the big, fat and clumsy Po to become a proper Dragon Warrior. Po and the five greatest Kung Fu masters (Tigress, Monkey, Crane, Mantis, and Viper… is that right?) goes out to defeat Tai Long and stop him from getting the Dragon Scroll and defeat him…

Okay, you know what, that was the most pathetic attempt I’ve ever written for a summary. And I’m totally horrible at names. Just watch the movie. It’s waaay much better.

The movie is great. It’s a mixture of comedy, action, and a little tint of drama. I was already cracking up at the first three minutes of the movie, imagine how cracked up I was after 2 hours! I haven’t had that much fun watching a movie since… never. I haven’t really watched many movies, but I can say this is one of the best I’ve seen so far.

Watch it! And bring some friends and/or family with you! The more the merrier!

AND I haven’t been able to update these past few weeks (not that anybody cares… cause no one’s reading!) because I’ve been busy. As to what about I shall not tell…

SmileyBunny: *raises one imaginary eyebrow* Busy? Really?

Yes, really.

SmileyBunny: *raises his imaginary eyebrow higher* Really really?

Yes, really really! Why are you looking at me like that!? *starts to sweat*

SmileyBunny: *couldn’t raise his imaginary eyebrow higher so it fell off* Really really really?

*Breaks down* Okay, fine! The truth is that I was too lazy to update! Happy!? (SmileyBunny: *smirks*) And I’m working on a fan fiction which I was trying to finish before Sunday, but seeing that today is Sunday, I kind of gave up rushing and decided to take it slow. Who knew writing about psychopaths can be difficult?

I’m still working on that fanfiction so I won’t be around for a few days… or weeks, who knows? (SmileyBunny: Who cares?) but once I’m finished (hopefully writer’s block will not attack me) I’ll be posting a lot about my utterly unexciting life (I think…).

So, ciao for now!

On a completely random note, I really miss my mom.

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