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Soundtrip 2

Alright! It’s true! I admit it! I am a shameless obsessed DBSK fan with absolutely no social life whatsoever! There!

SmileyBunny: As if that wasn’t obvious enough…

And so I will offer no excuses as to why I am currently addicted to these songs:

First up, Darkness Eyes. It’s dark. It’s angsty, hypnotizingly poignant and it’s reeking of Tohoshinki epic-ness. And I love it. So watch and listen!

SmileyBunny: Don’t you dare start drooling or I’ll use your face to mop the keyboard!

I so do not drool! I just like the choreo, that’s all!

Second, All In Vain. Mysterious. Sexy. Shady with a tint of jazz, and Yoochun’s voice is oh-my-goodness-so-totally-right I can’t imagine anyone else being the main vocal of this song.

I soooo love the english parts… I think the not-so-perfect pronounciations give the song a distinct Yoochun-flavor… exotic, rough, unique, unrefined and creative! The rap… I didn’t think you could harmonize in a rap! That is just so… so DBSK!

And you know what’s funny? I used to despise these kind of songs two years ago…  Angsty stuff  used to be the bane of my existence. (Teenager in denial, yes, that’s me). It makes me think now, what was I thinking? I sometimes can’t believe how DBSK widened my horizon in music. I mean, hey, this is the band that made Mirotic one of my favorite songs. Me, Little Miss Wholesome who lives purely with sunshine and butterflies, listens to this? <– addicting song, by the way… Just give it time to sink it.

Good music is good music whatever language or whatever genre.

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Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou?

Ignoring the incredibly long title, I must say that This song. Is. Addicting!

This song is the newest Japanese single of my ultimate favorite boyband of all time, Dong Bang Shin Ki!

It’s been stuck in my head ever since yesterday morning, and I can’t get it out. But I’m not complaining. The bitter-sweet melody, bitter-sweet lyrics, bitter-sweet voices and the bitter-sweet (but not heavily emotional) MV just mix so very well together. I love the simplicity and beauty of the song. You don’t have to be able to understand Japanese to know that the song is melancholy and sad, because the melody alone gives you the feeling. And the beautiful voices of my dear DBSK guys complimented that feeling (although, I could do without the synthesizer… but meh, if that’s what they want then fine).

Here is the translation of the lyrics (credits to system_chaos @

Why Did I End Up Falling For You

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
But you’ve already chosen a different path

Why couldn’t I call out to you at all?
Every day and night growing emotions
And words overflow
But I realized that
They’d never reach you again

Since that day I first met you
I felt like I already knew you
You and I melded into each other so smoothly

It was natural for me to be where you were
The two of us grew up together
But you’ve already chosen a different path

Why did I end up falling for you?
No matter how much time has passed
I still thought you were right here
Now we can’t turn back

The special meaning held by this day
Today you stood with a happy expression
You looked beautiful while praying to god

But I wasn’t the one next to you
And the image of you receiving blessings
Of that how could I let go?

Why did I end up falling for you?
How we were before
We can’t return to it anymore (I’ve thought it through, thought it through)

Why didn’t I hold on to your hand?
No matter how much time has passed
You should’ve always been by my side (never changing)

But still, even if I’m nowhere near you anymore
I’m praying that you
May be happy for eternity
No matter how much that would make me lonely (no matter how lonely)

All I know is that I ♥HEART♥ this song, and being the BIG weirdo that I am, I am going to memorize it!

I’ve even printed out the romanisation and translation and recorded the song on my cellphone (because I am poor and have no tape recorder or a cassette player)! The words are kind of hard to follow because aside from being in Japanese, the pronunciation is really fast unlike their other Japanese songs… but I’m slowly getting the hang of it!

And I’m still loving this song even though I’ve listened to it like more that twenty times today!

And just for the heck of it, here’s a fan-made MV featuring the Dong Bang Boys themselves:

 by tvxq009 @

Later, dudes!

*merrily skips away and huddles to a corner and starts memorizing the song*

SmileyBunny: …weirdo…

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