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Love in the ice (acoustic cover)

I’ve been meaning to make a cover of this song for years now. I couldn’t find chords in the internet, so I just guessed them. Finally recorded one today. I tried playing the guitar with a pick to make the sound sharper, but I only succeeded on distracting myself and getting lyrics wrong. It’s not the best of covers, and I couldn’t control my voice very well through the high notes. *hides face in embarrassment*

I’m writing my own version with English lyrics. Almost done with it, though whether or not I’ll record it depends if I find time/confidence for it.

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JYJ Impromptu Song

Yoochun on piano, plays a random tune. Junsu hums along. Jaejoong starts singing about Junsu, stringing up lyrics as he goes along. Junsu, delighted, sings along with him. The staff just helplessly laugh.

Jaejoong plays the piano and starts another impromptu song about… how cold he is. And their manager’s eating habits.

I bet there’s never an uninteresting day when you’re with these guys.

And it’s not fair how they can make a song in seconds when it takes me months (years even!) to come up with a good enough melody for one.


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