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Full Circle


Full Circle

I write, therefore I share.
I woe, therefore I write.
I slack, therefore I woe.
I woe, therefore I slack.

I dream, therefore I try.
I do, therefore I dream.
I work, therefore I do.
I move, therefore I work.

I love, therefore I feel.
I live, therefore I love.
I am, therefore I live.
I write, therefore I am.


Disclaimer: The statement “I think, therefore I am” is from the philosopher Descartes. “I write, therefore I am” is just a variation I chanced upon. Don’t know where it originated.
AN: Hm, I was bored at school, and I was thinking of what to do when the phrase suddenly slammed to me, and then this happened.

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Okay… it’s my first time posting using the new wordpress dashboard, and boy, am I confuzzled (<– whoa! Who put that word there!?)! Just proves what a lousy blogger I am… ehehe…

It’s a new year and it’s supposed to be the start of a new page of my life! But alas! As far as I know, it’s going down, down, down… Sigh. I’m having a blue blue mood which is not exatly the best way to start the year. The reasons?

1. My allergy came back and it is soooooooooo annoying that I have to suffer being itchy all over my limbs and back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! GRRR! AHHHHH!

2. I have an inkling that my friends have forgotten me already, and that thought just puts me down. T_T.  I really miss them and I’m really lonely.  And being halfway around the world isn’t exactly going to solve that…

3. My muse just decided to abandon me in the middle of a fic! Dang it! I’m suffering major writer’s block here, people! I CAN NOT WRITE A SINGLE PARAGRAPH OR A SINGLE STANZA! No matter what I do or what I use, I always end up with a blank page (or a page filled with pointless doodles) or a blank screen… Like this:

Pen and Paper

Me: Come on, hand! Write something! Anything!
Hand: *doesn’t move*


Me: Please, please, please work with me! Tap tap tap! Type something!
Hand: *doesn’t move*

Okay, that was lame. Sorry.

Back to what I was saying, I really really resent that I can’t write a good material these days. And if I know my muse, she (I’m thinking it’s a girl because it changes moods like a pregnant woman) will only be back WHEN I’m buried under piles and piles of homework, which results to major trouble because knowing myself, I would set aside the mountains of schoolwork (no matter how urgent) just to satisfy my muse because once it passes, it may never comes back again for a long time.

Anybody got a cure for writer’s block? Or maybe, laziness?

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Lessons and Camp

My internet-probation officially ended yesterday. After helping clean up the house for a couple hours and cooking lunch and dinner for another couple hours, I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for nearly four hours, catching up with the things I missed and even writing and posting a long chapter of my fan fiction story.

And I’m happy to say that the past two days wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I spent my time sitting on a corner reflecting about different things about life (deep, isn’t it? hehe), and reading Judith McNaught’s “Something Wonderful” which really proved to be effective at diverting my mind from thinking about giving up to temptation (especially when there are two computers at your house, just staring at you wide-eyed and luring you like a siren to switch them on and  sit in front of them…xP).

AND I learned some really important things.

Number one: You learn something new everyday. For example, yesterday I learned that I could last for more than 48 hours away from “Information Highway” without losing my sanity (if I have any) and tearing my hair out. And the other day, I learned that I definitely should refrain from reading NC 17 fan fictions (even though I’m already 17) because it’s difficult to get them off my mind, especially if it’s gross and disturbing. Get it? It doesn’t matter how small or how big it is, as long as there is something you learned.

Number two: Curing an addiction takes an incredible amount of will power. And I’m not just talking about the internet. I’m also talking about smoking, drinking, and of course, drugs. I used to get frustrated and annoyed whenever I see people having difficulty quitting these vices. I always say “Just quit already! Dang it!”  But now, I think I understand how hard it is, a little.

I also watched the TV premier of Camp Rock. Not bad. The songs are really good. But some parts made me feel different levels of frustration. First is when Mitchie, the female main character, lied about her mom’s occupation. Dang, girl, don’t you watch TV? Lying only works if your mom IS NOT in the same camp cooking in the kitchen!

Just kidding. Lying is bad, people. BAD.

Second is the antagonist, Tess. Her character made me scream at the screen “EVIL! PURE EVIIIIL” Seriously, Sharpay from High School Musical maybe annoying, but she’s funny. Annoying but funny. And I like annoying-but-funny! Tess’ character is pure annoying.

Third is that Kevin and Nick did not get enough screen time… Or maybe it’s just me?

Oh, well. I guess that’s that. I wasn’t bashing the actresses, in fact, they did a great job. The movie wasn’t bad and the songs are stuck on my head. Kind of makes me wonder how great it’d be to have that kind of Camp in real life.

… *long silence*

Erm… I suddenly ran out of things to say.

x) ehehe.

Ciao for now!

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Sad Bunny

I got scolded, so I’m not in the greatest mood today…

I made a very big, and I mean BIG mistake which can never ever be corrected… ever again. It caused a lot of trouble to my parents, and will be causing a lot more trouble for the next few years until my brother turns 18 or gets a high-paying job (which I doubt will ever happen… at least not if he doesn’t get his lazy butt off in front of the computer). And now I am being devoured alive by guilt.

Big. Ugly. Guilt!

All thanks to my inability to get my attention off the computer and my memory slip-ups. Curse my internet addiction and temporary memory loss! I shake my fist at you!

And so for punishment I am going to stay at least 1 meter radius away from computers for at least forty-eight hours. In short, two days.

Two whole days without computer means no internet surfing, no e-mail checking, no solitaire rounds, no fanfictions, no blogs, no YouTube videos, no Friendster, no DBSK/ Super Junior/ the rest of the K-Pop industry stalking, no music, no smiles, no giggles, no drooling on the keyboard, no evil glares from my brothers for laughing randomly at the screen, no nothing.

Now excuse me while I curl up in a dark corner and wallow in self-pity till my internet-probation is over. I will be back online in two days, IF I’m still alive.

Random Note: Camp Rock is premiering tomorrow! My brother and I am excited, which rarely happens because we barely have anything in common (we’re like mangoes and coke, we don’t go together or disaster happens ;-)) We practically had all the songs memorized, what with the massive advertising. The sneak peeks look promising, so I’m gonna make sure I don’t miss it.

Another Random Note: I can’t find Mr. Pink anywhere. I wonder where it went?

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A Moment of Prayer


China Earthquake disaster.


 I am sure everybody have heard about this. Being the amateur writer that I am, I have no idea on how to deliver news nor do I have the power of persuading others to do something I ask them to. But I’m going to try my best. Here I go…


 Monday, May 12, 2008, the province of Shichuan, China had been struck by an earthquake reaching up to 7.8 in magnitude. More than 32,000 people, mostly children, had been killed, and still counting.


 I just browsed some captured photos of the disaster last Wednesday and Friday. I could see nothing but fallen debris of buildings, corpses covered by blankets, and fathers, mothers and relatives crying their hearts out. The worst part is that most of the corpses found were of children buried under piles and piles of wreckage.


 Take a look at the most heart-breaking picture I’ve seen here:


 Click for more pictures:


 Nearly a whole generation has been wiped off in one day. This is just a reminder how fragile life is in the face of nature.


 This is also a reminder that there are many more important things happening out there and that we shouldn’t be so wrapped up in our own things. We need to open our eyes and be aware of our surroundings, and be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need.


 Let’s stop thinking of our plans on meeting friends on the mall this afternoon, or what shoes are you going to wear for the party tonight. Let’s take a moment of our day to pray for those who died, that they may find peace in the afterlife together with God.


 Let’s also pray for those who survived this tragedy that they may have the strength to move on with new hope in their lives. It wouldn’t be easy, I am sure, for I wouldn’t have known what to do if I were in their shoes.


 Let’s pray and hope for those who haven’t been found yet that they may have the will and strength to stay alive


 Lastly, let’s pray for the rescuers who have been working nonstop that may their hope in finding survivors never diminish and that may they have the strength to continue longer.


 Let’s start praying now. Let’s help our brothers and sisters in China; those who have died, those who have survived, and those who have yet to be found.


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