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NaNoWriMo Update #2: Week 1

Writing is hard.

Squeezing my brain for ideas when I’m stuck on a plot is hard.

Forcing myself to type word after word when I’d rather really be reading fanfiction is hard.

But one week in and 13,600 words and counting and all I can think of doing is yelling IN YOUR FACE triumphantly into the void. Who am I yelling it to? I have no idea. But it’s just really satisfying to think that I’m subjecting myself into this torture just to spite an unnamed shapeless void telling me that I can’t do this.

13600 and counting; it’s only been a week, but I feel like it’s been years since I’ve started on this challenge. I’ve officially exceeded the 13,100 word count for my White Stones ideas dump document, in which I write in scenes, plot points, character descriptions and motivations in no particular order as they come to me, with the intent on expounding on them once I properly sit down and write my novel. Mind you, this is an idea dump that’s accumulated for the past four years or so. I decided not to use any of those for this nanowrimo novel and start anew, and the fact that I’ve exceeded the word count for it makes me so happy.

This has been the most productive week of my life.

But anyway, let me share the synopsis that I came up with. My novel (and I use that term very loosely) is tentatively called A Winter’s Tale.

A young aristocrat has come to town, and the local group of bandits has hatched a plan to abduct them for ransom. Igen is a young thief hoping to survive the winter, and volunteers his services for a good cut of the money.

As he sneaks around the town to observe the aristocrat and learn their habits to formulate a plan, he is constantly foiled by the aristocrat’s skilled attendant and a random merchant, and accidentally befriends a rich traveller’s son who finagles him into being his own personal tour guide. Igen must overcome the obstacles in his way and provide good information to his employers, lest the bandits turn on him instead.

I’m still using the same characters from White Stones, although the point of view continues to change. I originally wanted the POV to be my princess’, but I had to change it to the thief’s because the setting is his town, and how else am I going to get the massive exposition I needed to jot down out of the way?

Anyway, this synopsis needs to be rewritten because it’s not entirely accurate anymore. Actually, nothing is going to plan. I veered off the vague brief outline that I made, and I’m not sure yet if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I made Igen a lot angstier than he was meant to be, the character who was supposed to be angsty is proving to be pretty goofy, my princess turned out to be pretty flirty rather than serious and steadfast, the merchant is antisocial, my villain a lot more villanous, and I ended up having to add, like, twenty more minor characters and I had to get attached to half of them.

I’m only on chapter four.

I was pretty worried about adding subplots to the entire thing, but they seem to be writing themselves as I go.

Anyway, that’s my update for the week. I want to add more, but I need to get back to writing. I hope to reach tomorrow’s word count so I could afford at least a day off, because writing is hard and I know that there will be some days that I could not get a word in. At least this way, I don’t fall behind.

I hope.

In conclusion, I survived week #1. My writing is still crap, but I’m making progress. Here’s to hoping I don’t run out of steam for week #2.

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