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Okay! I am officially FREAKING OUT!!!



SmileyBunny: *covers his ears* Stop screaming befor my ears explodes!

I CAN’T HELP IT!!! Just give me another moment…

ASDF’L;JAL;SGJCMVFAORMFVDLFROMCAM *screams and bangs her head against the wall and smashes the keyboard into tiny pieces*

Ahem. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system, it’s time for a more coherent post.

Yes! DBSK is going to be featured in Fuse TV in Fuse Excellent Adventure tomorrow night, Tuesday December 2, 2008, and I am MAD EXCITED for this one!

Except… the channel is not available because I had to subscribe in order to view it…

Talk about bummers…

*wails and bangs her head against the monitor* IwannawatchitsobadIreallydowhyistheworldsounfairwhywhywhy!?!?!

Sigh. Oh well. Real bummer…

To those who have cable out there, for more information, go to their official site >here< to know what channel and what time Fuse Excellent Adventure is showing.

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