F-A-M-I-L-Y. Need I say more?

Books and Staring Contests

So there we were– my youngest brother and I lounging on the couch at ten at night, absently watching TV, being bored to numbness, talking about random subjects ranging from why chocolate is sweet  to what kidneys were for to what happens when you get electrified, me gleefully explaining the answers I know with great detail (years of Biology courses and CNA class have their use after all, which is to gross out my brother explain to my brother the great intricacies of the human body and things that are associated with it), and generally being complete couch potatoes, when suddenly my young companion told me something that I have determinedly burned into my memory for the years to come:

“I once had a staring contest with a book, and I won.” Continue reading

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Hope and Faith

He lives!

I never lost hope, not once! I hoped and hoped for a miracle to happen, even though my heart kept falling during the saddest moments of the episode I still hoped that Santino will live, because I know that people know the power of the Lord conquers death!

Never mind that I was anxiously and literally chewing my spoon through the whole thing (I was eating dinner), but near the end I found my nine-year-old brother Matthew-who was watching with us- red eyed. I asked him if he was crying. He said yes. I asked him why and he said “It was kind of sad…” I find that “awww…”-worthy.

By the way, the lady who appeared in the show as the Virgin Mary is very beautiful…

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There is Always a Tomorrow

I and my mom are currently on our toes for the last episode of “May Bukas Pa,” and there is only one thing I’d like to say.

Please let Santino live!

I don’t want it to be another tragedy like “Magnifico”, though Magnifico is a magnificent film as it is, I really really really hope Santino will live. The world needs more people like him, a beacon of hope and kindness and generosity and endless faith to the Lord.

…But all the foreshadowing of the show points to his passing.


Still going to hope, though.

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I don’t even know where to start.

Barely two hours in the new year and here I am banging my head on the table.

I should be crying hysterically and cursing and praying at the same time right now. Instead, here I am, posting a blog.

There is an unpleasant sensation in my stomach, churning and as if I’ve been doused with ice cold water. I think my hands want to tremble, but they can’t because the new hasn’t sinked in yet. Maybe I’m still in denial… Still waiting for the news that no, it isn’t true. No, we’re not disbanding. No, not everything is alright yet but disbandment is the farthest thing from our minds.

It’s funny. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, imagining Cassiopeia burning down the building and then turning to the boys and saying “Will everything be alright, now?” I know it’s not the  most noble though I’ve had had, but I can’t help it. Seeing them unhappy and separated just breaks my heart into pieces.

I know disbanding is inevitable, and part of me wants to accept that and maybe it’ll hurt less… but a larger part of me keeps saying, praying, please please don’t let it end, not now, not yet… there’re still so many things to achieve, so many memories to make, so many songs to sing, so many laughs to share, so many tears to shed, no, not now, not on these terms, please, a few years more, and when you’re all happy and satisfied and ready then we’re not going to stop you from parting ways but please not now, not yet…

Maybe I’m being selfish. But please please please not now, not yet.

Happy New Year.

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I am currently feeling depressed because I just realized that I am a truly horrible, heartless, cruel, selfish, (insert negative adjectives here) person… and that I have a four-page essay due tomorrow that I haven’t started yet… and that I am a truly horribly pathetic, self-pitying, self-wallowing, (insert more negative adjectives here), and that this world shouldn’t have to deal with a great hypocrite like me.

When change is so hard to achieve, what do you do? When nobody is around to help you help yourself, how do you change?

SmileyBunny: *whistles* What’s up with all the angst?

Hug me! *goes and glomps the plushie*

SmileyBunny: What? Wait! Don’t you d– Oof! *get glomped on and struggles to breathe* Grr… Whoever made you miserable will pay!

*sniffs* Aw, how sweet. You mean it?

SmileyBunny: Of course! Whoever it is, he or she is after my life!

… Maybe I should just toss you in a blender…

SmileyBunny: You’re evil.

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Simple Pleasures

Hello, blog that I have abandoned for several months now!

*gets hit with cyber rotten tomatoes*

SmileyBunny: Boo!

SmileyBunny is angry at me for ignoring him for months xD.  He just attacked me this morning with a dirty mop, and threatened to rip my precious DBSK posters into pieces if I don’t post an update…

SmileyBunny: -_-” I was happy you were gone, you biscuit head. And you DON’T have DBSK posters.

I do to! (<–wait, is that even grammatically correct?). …okay, so I don’t have any DBSK posters… But kill my dream, will you! You are the meanest stuff toy in the world!

SmileyBunny: *sticks tongue out* Just get on with the blogging, will you?

Fine! I shall ignore you more for the rest of the update! Hmph!

SmileyBunny: *drums fingers*Oh no… It’s the end of the world… Ahh… Whatever.

[actual post under the cut x)]  Continue reading

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Secret Christmas Message

Find the not-so-secret message hidden within the poem =)


May this season never end
Enticing memories of this occasion
Rhyming words this letter send
Ring the bells of joyful Christmas
Yonder gates of singing men

Come and sing a merry song
He, today, has been born
Rest your minds ‘bout evil thoughts
In His arms is where you belong
Safe are you from rising pain
Til peace of your mind be gained
Much awaited season is here
A time to give love to those who’re dear, and
Sick, and people living in fear

Tis the season to be joyful
Oh, come all, let’s celebrate

Young and old alike, let’s sing
Our God has opened Heaven’s Gate
Unto and through his blessed Son

God is Great!


And I say that to each and everyone who is reading!

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Randomness + Siblings = Huh?

Let me tell you something that happened to me a few days ago…

So there I was, in the process of hand washing the dishes because I was too lazy to put them in the dishwasher, but my mind was completely immersed in observing how the water squirts flows from the faucet and wets my hands and all the other stuff in the sink. I was thinking “Why is water wet?” (yeah, I’m so deep, aren’t I? ;P), when suddenly, my seven-year-old brother Matthew came to me with an ice cream cone on one hand and the other hand behind him and asked “Hey sis. What would you do when you get married?”

I was surprised by his question. Stunned, actually. Now, where did this kid get that question from? Feeling compelled to give him an answer, I said dumbly “Uhm… Be h-happy?”

He looked at me blankly and said “You get a family and have children, right?”

If I was an anime character at that time, I would’ve gotten sweatdrops the size of a plate and question marks all over my head. Okayyyy….

“Err… yeah. Of course,” I replied.

“If you have a baby, what would you name it?” he asked again.

“If it’s a girl, then I’d name her Kristina Gabriella,” I answered (yeah, I know. I’m gonna give my poor future daughter a hard time writing her name… Mwahahah!)

“What if it’s a boy?”

“I’d name him Chris Gabriel.” Ehehehe…

As awkward as it is, I was actually enjoying the conversation (the names, I mean. I’ve settled those names looong ago and am just waiting for somebody to ask me that).  But then my other brother, Angelo (yes, the annoying one), who was listening, snorted and yelled from across the room, “That is IF you ever get married. You.”

What on earth? He just had to ruin the conversation! I mean, of course I’ll get married someday (when I’m over 25). I’m not THAT ugly! I actually think I’m pretty cute! Well… a little…

Ignoring the great annoying one completely (which I’ve been doing for quite a while. I’m trying to give him the famous dolphin training… but it doesn’t seem to be working… sigh…) and turning my attention to my little brother to repress my annoyance, I asked him, “What about you? What would you name your children?”

“But… I’m a boy,” he said, taking a bite off his ice cream.

“Yeah, but boys also get married when they grow up, right?”

“Well, I don’t know [about the names]. I’ll think about it. I’ll tell you later. Can I go outside and play now?”

And just like that, POOF! he’s gone.

Just yesterday, I was folding the laundry in the bedroom, singing to myself, and wondering if I’ll ever be a world-famous singing icon who will be admired by many or just forever be a loser, when Matthew suddenly entered the room, sat beside me and stared at the folded clothes and asked, “What would you do when you see a vampire?”

Again, I was like What the heck? But feeling compelled again to answer, I wracked my brain and then said “Uhm… I don’t know. Wear garlic and pray, I guess…”

“And…?” he probed.

“And what?” I asked.

“And you run away, right?” he declared.

“Oh… yeah.”

How did I not think about that? It’s afterall common sense to run away.

And all this time I thought out of all us three siblings, I was the smartest, sharpest, and the one with the most common sense.

Hm. I guess Matthew proved me wrong.


Oh, yeah. About the names… Five hours later while I was cooking dinner, Matt came to me and said:

“I know what I’ll name my children! If it’s a boy, I’ll name him Devvi. And if it’s a girl, I’ll name her Mysteria!”

Uh-huh. I think he should limit his computer games…

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