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When my fandom of obsession is unerringly thrown to chaos and handling everything about it any longer might cause spontaneous Meriken combustion, where do I turn to? Of course, good ol’ anime. Oh, yes, overused plots, cliches-that-really-should-die-soon, ridiculous exagerations and disproportionate bodily statistics galore! What more could you ask for?


So I really thought I’m over my obsession for anime years ago… Which, I am, I guess. However, it has become one of those things that I keep coming back to for stress/boredom relief even though I often snort and find myself cringing at the plot ridiculousness (how many animes have I seen that has the protagonist stumbling to protect the world over something so trivial?), many exageration,  and disproportionate body statistics (can you imagine having those unnaturally BIG eyes in the real world? I mean… they’re cute and all, but…). Of course, those things are what makes animes… anime. And I admit I do enjoy them very much.

The most recent anime I’ve watched and loved and am currently writing about is YuGiOh. Continue reading

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(Test) To Watch or Not to Watch

This is a test to find out if I can put a summary to this post. But feel free to read my incoherent rant =)

EDIT: Yes! I think I did it!!! After one full year, I finally did it!!! Thank you, wordpress forums!!!

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