A friend is a friend that a friendship needs…^^,

Hope and Faith

He lives!

I never lost hope, not once! I hoped and hoped for a miracle to happen, even though my heart kept falling during the saddest moments of the episode I still hoped that Santino will live, because I know that people know the power of the Lord conquers death!

Never mind that I was anxiously and literally chewing my spoon through the whole thing (I was eating dinner), but near the end I found my nine-year-old brother Matthew-who was watching with us- red eyed. I asked him if he was crying. He said yes. I asked him why and he said “It was kind of sad…” I find that “awww…”-worthy.

By the way, the lady who appeared in the show as the Virgin Mary is very beautiful…

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I don’t even know where to start.

Barely two hours in the new year and here I am banging my head on the table.

I should be crying hysterically and cursing and praying at the same time right now. Instead, here I am, posting a blog.

There is an unpleasant sensation in my stomach, churning and as if I’ve been doused with ice cold water. I think my hands want to tremble, but they can’t because the new hasn’t sinked in yet. Maybe I’m still in denial… Still waiting for the news that no, it isn’t true. No, we’re not disbanding. No, not everything is alright yet but disbandment is the farthest thing from our minds.

It’s funny. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, imagining Cassiopeia burning down the building and then turning to the boys and saying “Will everything be alright, now?” I know it’s not the  most noble though I’ve had had, but I can’t help it. Seeing them unhappy and separated just breaks my heart into pieces.

I know disbanding is inevitable, and part of me wants to accept that and maybe it’ll hurt less… but a larger part of me keeps saying, praying, please please don’t let it end, not now, not yet… there’re still so many things to achieve, so many memories to make, so many songs to sing, so many laughs to share, so many tears to shed, no, not now, not on these terms, please, a few years more, and when you’re all happy and satisfied and ready then we’re not going to stop you from parting ways but please not now, not yet…

Maybe I’m being selfish. But please please please not now, not yet.

Happy New Year.

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Okay… it’s my first time posting using the new wordpress dashboard, and boy, am I confuzzled (<– whoa! Who put that word there!?)! Just proves what a lousy blogger I am… ehehe…

It’s a new year and it’s supposed to be the start of a new page of my life! But alas! As far as I know, it’s going down, down, down… Sigh. I’m having a blue blue mood which is not exatly the best way to start the year. The reasons?

1. My allergy came back and it is soooooooooo annoying that I have to suffer being itchy all over my limbs and back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! GRRR! AHHHHH!

2. I have an inkling that my friends have forgotten me already, and that thought just puts me down. T_T.  I really miss them and I’m really lonely.  And being halfway around the world isn’t exactly going to solve that…

3. My muse just decided to abandon me in the middle of a fic! Dang it! I’m suffering major writer’s block here, people! I CAN NOT WRITE A SINGLE PARAGRAPH OR A SINGLE STANZA! No matter what I do or what I use, I always end up with a blank page (or a page filled with pointless doodles) or a blank screen… Like this:

Pen and Paper

Me: Come on, hand! Write something! Anything!
Hand: *doesn’t move*


Me: Please, please, please work with me! Tap tap tap! Type something!
Hand: *doesn’t move*

Okay, that was lame. Sorry.

Back to what I was saying, I really really resent that I can’t write a good material these days. And if I know my muse, she (I’m thinking it’s a girl because it changes moods like a pregnant woman) will only be back WHEN I’m buried under piles and piles of homework, which results to major trouble because knowing myself, I would set aside the mountains of schoolwork (no matter how urgent) just to satisfy my muse because once it passes, it may never comes back again for a long time.

Anybody got a cure for writer’s block? Or maybe, laziness?

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Secret Christmas Message

Find the not-so-secret message hidden within the poem =)


May this season never end
Enticing memories of this occasion
Rhyming words this letter send
Ring the bells of joyful Christmas
Yonder gates of singing men

Come and sing a merry song
He, today, has been born
Rest your minds ‘bout evil thoughts
In His arms is where you belong
Safe are you from rising pain
Til peace of your mind be gained
Much awaited season is here
A time to give love to those who’re dear, and
Sick, and people living in fear

Tis the season to be joyful
Oh, come all, let’s celebrate

Young and old alike, let’s sing
Our God has opened Heaven’s Gate
Unto and through his blessed Son

God is Great!


And I say that to each and everyone who is reading!

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Remember my poem “A Friend’s Farewell” that I said I turned into a song about a year ago? Well, as a result of severe procrastination of studying and a request from my friend Jhen, I recorded it and uploaded it in Youtube. Here it is, entitled “Someday”…


Someday (by Maria Erika D. Enriquez)

I always knew there will be a time for us to say goodbye
Here on Earth, everything’s ought to change
Even our friendship will fade out soon
It’s hard to admit, but it’s true

I know that if I go away today
Nothing will ever be the same for us again
But I’ll never forget the memories
And the dreams we share

That when we meet again someday
Even if we never could bring back the broken bond forever
We can still make a better bond, greater and stronger
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
I’ll wait…

My mind is young and unrefined, my heart frail and weak
I don’t really understand things so sharp and sleek
But let me tell you how you made me understand
How you made my narrow and child-bounded mind expand

You hold a part of me that I can’t live without
You made me see what life is all about
You’re not the perfect person all around
You’re not the perfect friend who never makes a sound

But I don’t care, I love you and that’s what matters now
I do not even need to make out a promise or a vow
You may not be the nicest nor the strongest one around
But you help me stand up when I fall on the ground
Tall and proud

Together we’ve been traveling in this long road of life
But here comes a point where the road’s been cut by a knife
The once one way had been divided by a cross
I don’t want to part but in this life I’m not boss

Before I step inside that metal bird
Before I finish packing up my jeans and shirts
Before I step outside the borders of our home
I have to make sure that you won’t feel alone

I can’t come back at once when you start to cry
Nor will I be there to boost you up when you become too shy
Just remember that you’ll never be alone
Even if I’m far away, in your heart I’m home

….Again someday…
Even if we never could bring back the broken bond forever
We can still make a better bond, greater and stronger
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
I know we’ll meet again someday
Even if we never could bring back the times we’re not together
I know you’ll wait for me and someday I’d be back
We’d still be best of friends till the end of the end
We’d drink beer, eat and laugh and I’ll never sing this song again
I’ll wait for that day
When we’re together again
I’m gonna be waiting for it
Waiting for it
Waiting for it…

It’s actually my fifth take and I still messed up a few lines, and my voice also cracked (how embarrassing…). But, yeah…

Dedicated to Boyle and Archimedes batch 2007  and the other graduating classes to come.


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A Friend’s Farewell


Today is one of those depressing days when loneliness creeps to the depths of my heart (lol, dramatic much?) and make me realize how I terribly miss my friends. So I thought of sharing a poem I wrote more than a year ago, months before migrating from Philipppines to US.

Here it goes…

A Friend’s Farewell

I always knew there will be a time for us to say goodbye.

Here on earth, nothing is permanent except change.

Even our friendship will fade out soon.

It’s hard to accept, but it’s the truth.


I know the fact that once our bond is broken,

Nothing will ever be the same again.

But I’ll never forget that one time,

You’ve been part of my reality.


And I’ll continue to live on the memories

With the ultimate dream that we both share.

That when we meet again someday,

Even if we are incapable of bringing back the broken bond forever,

We can still make a better bond, greater…


That so long life preserves it,

That only death can break it,

That every man will realize

What friendship is all about.


My mind is young and unrefined, and my heart frail and weak.

My understanding of things is not so sharp nor sleek.

But let me tell you, my friend, how you made me understand,

That being part of someone’s life’s an experience truly grand.



You may not be the perfect friend nor person all around.

But you help me up with your hand when I fall on the ground.

And that is enough reason why I like you just the same.

It’s just a common fact that without you, I’d go insane.



And so my friend, before I end this message just for you,

I want to thank you so much for all the things you do.

I am thankful for all the things you made me understand.

I thank you so for making my child-bounded mind expand.



I thank you for accepting me just because I’m me.

I thank you for not requiring rewards or any fee.

But the greatest thank you I can say in the end,

Is this: Thank you for being there for me, my trusted friend.



We’ve been traveling together in this long road of life.

But here we come to a vexing point where the road’s been cut by a knife.

Today, the once one way had been divided by a cross.

I wish we don’t have to part, but in this life, I’m not Boss.


And so before I step outside the borders of our home,

I want to make sure that you will never feel alone.

It’s impossible for me to come to you whenever you cry,

Nor will I be there to boost you up when you become too shy.


So remember this, my friend, you will never be alone.

Even if I’m far away, in your heart I’m home.


The actual poem I wrote in my notebook took three whole pages back-to-back (yeah, it’s that long). And I don’t have the patience to type all of it, so I just selected some of the best parts and put it here.


Mushy, corny (whatever you call it), surprisingly, I don’t care. I just miss my friends. I miss hanging out with them, I miss chilling out with them, I miss hearing them scream in my ears, I miss them being the reason I have no food, I miss heart-to-heart talks with them (corny, I know), I miss being mercilessly tortured and teased, I miss squealing whenever a cute guy passes by, I miss copying their homework whenever I forgot to do mine, I miss pushing each other off to get a turn on the hammock, I miss eating Indian Mangoes dipped in soysauce and sugar, I miss singing our lungs out whenever a favorite song is palying… I just miss everything.


Sigh. I wonder how they’re doing?


You guys, any members of the “KIDS Friendship Association,” or my classmates from Archimedes and Boyle batch 2007 who happens to drop by and read this blog, I just want to say I miss you guys, and take care.


God bless everyone.




I forgot to mention that I actually made this poem into a song consisting of ten stanzas (all different from each other) and four chords played repeatatively.

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