A Friend’s Farewell


Today is one of those depressing days when loneliness creeps to the depths of my heart (lol, dramatic much?) and make me realize how I terribly miss my friends. So I thought of sharing a poem I wrote more than a year ago, months before migrating from Philipppines to US.

Here it goes…

A Friend’s Farewell

I always knew there will be a time for us to say goodbye.

Here on earth, nothing is permanent except change.

Even our friendship will fade out soon.

It’s hard to accept, but it’s the truth.


I know the fact that once our bond is broken,

Nothing will ever be the same again.

But I’ll never forget that one time,

You’ve been part of my reality.


And I’ll continue to live on the memories

With the ultimate dream that we both share.

That when we meet again someday,

Even if we are incapable of bringing back the broken bond forever,

We can still make a better bond, greater…


That so long life preserves it,

That only death can break it,

That every man will realize

What friendship is all about.


My mind is young and unrefined, and my heart frail and weak.

My understanding of things is not so sharp nor sleek.

But let me tell you, my friend, how you made me understand,

That being part of someone’s life’s an experience truly grand.



You may not be the perfect friend nor person all around.

But you help me up with your hand when I fall on the ground.

And that is enough reason why I like you just the same.

It’s just a common fact that without you, I’d go insane.



And so my friend, before I end this message just for you,

I want to thank you so much for all the things you do.

I am thankful for all the things you made me understand.

I thank you so for making my child-bounded mind expand.



I thank you for accepting me just because I’m me.

I thank you for not requiring rewards or any fee.

But the greatest thank you I can say in the end,

Is this: Thank you for being there for me, my trusted friend.



We’ve been traveling together in this long road of life.

But here we come to a vexing point where the road’s been cut by a knife.

Today, the once one way had been divided by a cross.

I wish we don’t have to part, but in this life, I’m not Boss.


And so before I step outside the borders of our home,

I want to make sure that you will never feel alone.

It’s impossible for me to come to you whenever you cry,

Nor will I be there to boost you up when you become too shy.


So remember this, my friend, you will never be alone.

Even if I’m far away, in your heart I’m home.


The actual poem I wrote in my notebook took three whole pages back-to-back (yeah, it’s that long). And I don’t have the patience to type all of it, so I just selected some of the best parts and put it here.


Mushy, corny (whatever you call it), surprisingly, I don’t care. I just miss my friends. I miss hanging out with them, I miss chilling out with them, I miss hearing them scream in my ears, I miss them being the reason I have no food, I miss heart-to-heart talks with them (corny, I know), I miss being mercilessly tortured and teased, I miss squealing whenever a cute guy passes by, I miss copying their homework whenever I forgot to do mine, I miss pushing each other off to get a turn on the hammock, I miss eating Indian Mangoes dipped in soysauce and sugar, I miss singing our lungs out whenever a favorite song is palying… I just miss everything.


Sigh. I wonder how they’re doing?


You guys, any members of the “KIDS Friendship Association,” or my classmates from Archimedes and Boyle batch 2007 who happens to drop by and read this blog, I just want to say I miss you guys, and take care.


God bless everyone.




I forgot to mention that I actually made this poem into a song consisting of ten stanzas (all different from each other) and four chords played repeatatively.

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