3rd Live Tour 2008 “T” — Shine + Somebody to Love

After more than a year of continuous fandom distress, I’ve forgotten how much these five people make me happy just by watching them. The way they just have fun on stage, energy level on an all time high and never wavering even though they’ve been singing more or less two hours straight, never failing to give their 101% in singing and dancing and going on and on even though they look like they might just choke on gasping for air… Their adrenaline-induced euphoria just oozes through my computer screen to reach me, making me dance in my seat and sing along.

And I’ve just realized that Somebody to Love is such a crowd-favorite and never fails to be sung on ever one of Tohoshinki’s concert tours. Honestly, I didn’t like it so much the first time I saw the MV, and I thought the song was nothing remarkable, but when Tohoshinki performs it live–Wham! It becomes a hundred times better.

I’m ready to flail uselessly for just about now because my financial resources are much too little (read: zero) to buy any of the concert DVDs/albums that I want so much.

Being penniless is sometimes such a pain.

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3 thoughts on “101%

  1. ronanana

    Buying their stuff means fasting forever. LOL.
    BTW, I love somebody to love live too. Very energetic. I love almost all their lives.
    They have biggest part of my teenage years and I proud of it.
    They thought me so many life lessons, and gave me so many things. 🙂
    I’m waiting for the day Jaejoong (even when I’m a bit mad at him, he’s just irreplaceable. or.. just me being biased), Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin, and Junsu… smiling like the old days, even when they’re not together.

    I thought your bias is (Lord) Changmin..
    Aaaa~ I love Be my Girl and I can soar.
    I’m not feeling Still in Love though. XD
    sorry I’m replying here,

    • I feel the same way. I just need one picture. One picture of the five of them together and smiling and laughing even if they’re wouldn’t be DBSK anymore, and I’ll cry in happiness.

      Well, Jaejoong really is my bias. Actually I am biased towards all five of them. Jaejoong just superceeds the others by a milimeter… Of course, (his majesty prince) Changmin steals my heart now and then. XD

      I only listened to Aaayy Girl, Be My Girl and Empty (I’m stopping myself from listening to the rest of the album because I’m waiting ’till I can buy my own copy). I heard from others that I Can Soar was good… I don’t like Aaayy Girl that much. I think they should’ve chosen a different main song, but meh.
      That’s okay. Reply as much as you want, I don’t mind =D

      • ronanana

        Me too. But sadly, I think this drama wont end soon.
        hope when it ends, Yun wont aged too much, Jae and Chun haven’t tattooed all their body yet. Their tattoo progression is scary. 😦
        Kekekeke. (Lord) Changmin is always sneaky..

        Yes.Yes. IA. Even I heard and seen it billion times already, it still not special in my eyes. Maybe if JYJ themselves sung itu in front of me, I’ll change my mind. Waaa. You’re a nice fan *hiding in the corner*
        Actually, I want to buy it too, but alas, my money is flying to unknown place (read : FOODS. LOL). I think I would just ask when my birthday coming. 😀

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